Tour de France: Vincenzo Nibali

He's not humble: he's down to heart. He's also introvert. Selfconfident but he doesn't put on air because it isn't his nature. "I have been wearing other jerseys before". This Yellow doesn't bother him, it doesn't mean that he doesn't care. He went and took it, he kept it through the Hell. But he didn't make a fuss. "I'm quite satisfied" he said. Vincenzo Nibali does the extraordinary like normal, like honest job. True anti-hero, he's celebrated on the road by people who can feel he's exactly like them, the next door rider, the easy guy from Sicily earning day by day his glory as they earn a salary. I don't think he cares. He rode all the way from Sicily to Tuscany and then to Switzerland to make things well and to stay in peace, with his bike and his family. He had to face hard moments and he did, without any drama – or keeping the drama for himself - in few words and definte facts. Rhetoric doesn't work. Vincenzo Nibali has got no time for it, not for criticism. He doesn't refuse to answer, he's really pleased when he smiles, kind and available as I met him in Mastromarco – a life ago – but media fail to bring him down in their game. He doesn't play, he's serious about his bike and goes the direct way. "Last meters I was on the wrong gear" he says absolutely calm, no worries no disappointment. Why should be worried? Why should be disappointed? Contador was waiting for the mountains and attacked him on the first anonymous climb in the Volges, showing the power of a terrific team: on his wheel always, never challenged, Nibali not even 'respond'. "It isn't a duel" he says "Not just Contador and me. I see Porte is riding well and also Valverde, even if not today". Relaxed, assertive. But you don't say it's 'the boss of the Tour', like Armstrong or Indurain. He's more a builder, a newspaper hat on his head, building his visctory day after day, with skill and patience. He doesn't make any fuss but you can say he's proud.

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