In Short: The Afghan Women Riding Team

There is a wonderful article here (with video):

In Short:
1 Shannon Galpin and her nonprofit, Mountain 2 Mountain: "She became the first woman to mountain bike in Afghanistan in 2009, discovered the women’s Afghan cycling team in 2012 and immediately began working to raise awareness and support for their efforts. She's now an ambassador for Liv, which has supplied the team with bikes, clothing, and gear."
2. Afghan Cycles: Liv and Let Media released new footage from the upcoming documentary
3. A cyclist named Miriam. “Miriam believes that this is her right, that no one can take it away from her. So when she gets on the bike and rides, knowing that she’s pushing the boundaries, she’s doing it because she loves the freedom the bike gives her. And she comes back to that all the time: the freedom that the bike gives her."
4. Get Involved! "August 30th marks the first ever Global Solidarity Ride. People around the world will take to the streets on organized rides in honor of the women cyclists in Afghanistan"

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