In Short: TM Luca Guercilena about Andy Schleck's (no) future with TFR

There is an interview here:
In short:
1. Team has to diet: "We’ll have around thirty riders next year, and then look to drop down to 22 riders in a few years time with the UCI rules changing".
2. Andy is hard to evaluate but still not in shape: "We’ve seen that Frank can come back to a certain level, while Andy wasn’t super before the Tour and then picked up another injury in a crash so it’s hard to evaluate him. We didn’t get the answers we wanted with Andy at the Tour so now it’s important to see what level he can come back to and then make the right analysis before making a decision. Frank has proved his level and we’re talking to him to find a common solution. For Andy, it’s difficult to say something because he’s still not back and he’s not shown that much or shown the level he’s supposed to be at. That’s the situation.”
3. He will hardly find a spot: “I don’t have an answer for this. It’s not a no comment it’s just that it’s really difficult to make a realistic view. For sure at the moment he’s not reached the level we wanted. It’s going to be tough for him because as a manager you analyse the rider, the performance and the trend. The general picture of the team is more important than an individual. Is there space? That will be discussed by the team but it’s no longer enough to say ‘I’m fit and I’m ready and good’. I think that a pro rider has to prove it with performance and not just with words.”
My opinion
I'm sorry but not surprised. That's cycling and that's world when you come to job. Guercilena has to build a team able to achieve results so needs the right riders, no more no less. As far as Andy, I'm no more in touch with him so I know as much as you. I said and I repeat that in my opinion he should stop and think about what he really wants to do with his life. He's still relatively young, still in time to learn something else, to build himself a life as an adult. I wish him all the best.

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