Passau-Wien By Bike - Part 7: Tulln-Wien

At the edge of Wien coming from Tulln
I miss my silence already, and my riding: monotony of the route and constant cadence on the pedals. 
In Wien it's noise and crowd and crossing large urban streets. It's high modern buildings dotting the compact white Art Nouveau of the Capital City re-shaped by Otto Wagner.
I miss the Donau, still here but not the same, rigidly dressed of walls, shared in Old and New to fight the floods and to give the citizens a Sunday sea. Getting in Wien by bike is like entering the house by the back door. 
The Inceneretor of Wien
The last villages, the first suburban areas, the last patches of country in the first gardens of the city, the last fields, the first factories. The bike-lane running under the highway. A sparkling coloured building: "Incineretor of Wien", redesigned by architect and artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. 
Newpapers' headquarters, bancks' skyscrapers, graffiti. The Big Wheel of the Prater. The Ring, like a velvet ribbon wrapping the Center. The lunch by Tewa at the city market.
City Market
Couscous by Tewa
On Stephansplatz
On the Big Wheel (Prater)
The view down
The Big Wheel

I don't heart my first day in Wien. Impatient to be lost and free. For me that's the last day of the ride more than the first day of the vist. Tomorrow I'll see Wien, tonight I prefer the coloured lights of the Prater.

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