Tour de France:In Short: Belkin Crappy ITT

Photo: Hard and hot. That was my day. 7th now. I just keep fighting!!There is an article on Cyclingnews explaining it.

In short:

1. A new bike only tested on the rest day: "Bianchi told Cyclingnews that the team pushed for the new bikes but that they only tested them on the second rest day of the race. That’s one day of testing and no race practice. The Italian manufacturer stressed that the new bike provided much better data than the previous model and added that they put no pressure on Belkin to use the bikes. The team failed to return Cyclingnews’ requests for comment but to Mollema’s credit he admitted that he had made the wrong call."

2. Bauke Mollema cramped: “In tests the new bike was proven to be better than the old bike but I think I wasn’t used to the position and it was slightly different. I made the wrong decision to use the bike. I can’t say where I would have been if I used the old bike but had cramp after 10km and I never had that before. I knew it was risk. I couldn’t put any power on the pedals with the cramp. The race was over after 20km more or less. The old bike was on the roof and at one moment I thought about changing but the muscles was already fucked by then.

Must add that Bauke Mollema signed a two years contract with Trek Factory Racing so he felt free to talk about it: he made the wrong decision but I guess his team had a big part in it.

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