USA Pro Challenge: Laurent Didier Direct to Glory

Didier celebrates stage five winStage 5. 168 km. Breckenridge. Didier in a break two days in a row and this time for glory. On the final climb he made the difference. Bravo! Javier Acevedo (Garmin Sharp) and Rob Britton (Smartstop) 2nd and 3rd. 
Laurent Didier:
“At the beginning of this race I had a little problem with the altitude because I was planned for the Vuelta, so I came here late. I needed a few days to adapt. Yesterday I attacked at kilometer zero and made the break happen and two days ago I was in the final group of 25, and today it worked out. 
When we started the race I was in the front to go with a breakaway, but I just did not have the legs from the last two days where I did a lot of work - the feeling in the legs were like concrete! After 40 kilometers the road narrowed and I moved to the front and followed one move and boom! I was in the break. 
But then my legs were still not the best, but with the rain starting and the cold it was good for me. In the first climb I knew I had to make the selection because I was scared of Acevedo. I also knew the last climb was steep and that is not favorable for me. 
I told Kim [Andersen, director] that this was the climb where I had to try. Then when they came back and I saw it was not a great situation with two Garmins. So I let Ben King go, because in my opinion [Acevedo] was stronger, and then I made my move. I am super happy because I don’t win many races, but the ones I do win are in tough conditions. It’s a little strange but it’s like that.
When I attacked on [Hoosier Pass] I actually thought that maybe I could make it to the finish but when you are alone and behind you have three guys to pull it’s too hard. But then against two Garmin it was not so easy either, so I had to play it smart. I did not do the race last year, but I remember the climb on television because I watched it from home. It was a hard last 300 meters but I gave it all, because I knew after it was fast to the finish. But I have to say that I was a little scared with 500 meters to go that they might catch me. 
I have not won a lot of races, but the ones I have won have always been in the rain! So in the middle part of the race when there was a lot of rain, I stayed focused, put on my rain jacket and gloves, so I was prepared for the finale.” 

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