Il Lombardia Upside Down

Start from Como, finish in Bergamo.

A classic first par - Cantù, Erba, Asso Onno) then Ghisallo climb from Bellagio at km 58, 14% average.
Then Pusiano, Oggiono, Galbiate and Pescate (feeding zone) crossing Alta Brianza and Meratese till Provincia di Bergamo in Calusco d’Adda. 
Fist passage in Bergamo and a very hard circuit including: il Colle dei Pasta (413 m), il Colle Gallo (763 m) and, after the 2nd feeding zone in Cene, il Passo di Ganda (1060 m) - see 18th stage of Giro 2011.
Fast descent through Selvino and Rigosa, ramp of Bracca (600 m) and technical descent till Zogno and Brembilla, climb of Berbenno (695 m) at 26 km to the finish. Fast descent till Almenno San Salvatore and the race gets in Bergamo from Almè, passage in Città Alta, finish line in Sentierone. 

Last kms in Bergamo Alta, climbing from Porta Garibaldi and by the climb of Boccola (200 m pavé) toward Largo Colle Aperto, max 12%.
1800 m to go some tricky turns, 250 m to go the last one. 

My opinion
It looks a very hard and beautiful route. But why a classic should be every year different?!

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