La Vuelta: Crashing Hard. Dario Cataldo said...

Dario Cataldo:
"That stuff saved my life. We were launched full speed after Samuel Sanchez's attack and at the beging of a fast curve where you could even avoid to brakes, I got a jolt at my back wheel because of a bump dued to some tree roots (as confirmed by Froome who was just behind me and saw it well). I was already bent curvingand when the back wheel touched again the road it slid out making me completely lose control. It was impossible to get back on the right line at such a speed.
A large abrasion, a subdislocation  at my right shoulder and a big blow at my head that let me unconscious for few seconds. When I understood again where I was, I got back on bike to finish the stage even if still dazed. Head check and shoulder radiography said it's all ok, nothing broken, so in theory I'm ready to start tomorrow. Small dettail: the doctor is categorically forbiding me to arce.... I still have sme hours to try to persiade him, I want to race and do a good tt on Sunday... Finger crossed!!"

It didn't work:

Team Sky

"The Italian was riding towards the head of the peloton on the descent off the Alto Monte Faro when he crashed at high speed.
Cataldo suffered a blow to the head and an injured shoulder but was able to bravely remount and finish the stage before being taken to hospital for a medical assessment.

Despite being cleared after a full scan Cataldo will not take the start of Saturday’s 20th stage."

Team Sky Doctor Richard Usher:
“Dario suffered a hard crash and upon finishing the stage he was taken to hospital for a full medical assessment.
“He has an injured shoulder and took a blow to the head but his scan came back fine and he was cleared to return to the team hotel where medical staff will continue to observe him. Dario is very disappointed as he wanted to continue the race, but on medical advice, and for his own health and safety, he will not be taking the start on Saturday.”

My opinion:
Your health first. When you hit your head you must stay under control for 48 h because the fact you are fine now doesn't mean you are completely ok: internat emoragies can still happen. My fingers are still crossed: for Dario Cataldo and also for Team Sky  down to seven riders before a very important stage. They can still do it.

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