La Vuelta: Rest Day Pic Spam

Team Sky
What do they do in the rest day? First of all... they REST. Last night they had a very long tranfer, arrived late to their hotels so I guess this morning they slept a little more. 
Then they ride. Yep. Also today. You can't suddenly stop and start again after a complete rest day. So they had a short team ride... with a team coffee break
They also took team pictures as a souvenir and spent some time relaxing on the beach. Some creative team realised musical videos - ihih - some others had a tasty - but light -lunch... 
Team Giant-Shimano
I got impressed by what Stef Clement wrote last night: "Still roadtripping with my boys in the #belkinbus These are moments where a team is built, the moments I'll miss the most in the 'afterlife' " .
A cycling team is like a family. It must be. You can't stay so long away if you don't feel at home.  
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Team Belkin
And I shortly talked with my man in Spain, he too on the team bus, 2 h to go after a long stressing day in the team car. They were watching the stage, listing to some music, sleeping, dreaming in the sunset.
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Bob Jungels - Trek Factory Racing

Dario Cataldo, Team Sky

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