Shut Up Hour! The Jensie against the clock

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It's a different bike
To watch it:
An interesting interview with former hour record holder Graeme Obree :
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It's a complicated stuff :/

Here you have Eddy Mercks's opinion:

I'm not excited but for sure the Jensie has guts. Good luck!
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Warming up!
TFR: "Jens has finished his first warm-up. The mechanic will change his gears from a 55×16 to a 55×14 now."
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"Update: at 7000 m @TheJensie is 7.7 seconds up on the record pace!"

"Update: at 12000m @TheJensie is up on the record pace!
"Average speed thus far is just over 54kph for the #HourRecord. Almost one lap ahead of the pace."
"50.718 is Jens average speed on lap 85
"For context, @TheJensie has passed the foot-running #HourRecord distance of 21285m"
Embedded image permalink"Jens has passed the first documented #HourRecord of 26.508 set in 1876 by Frank Dodds"
UCI: "#HourRecord @thejensie average speed after 35 mins... 50,638 km/h"
"Average speed after 45 mins... 50,709 km/h. @thejensie is on his way to beat the iconic #HourRecord"
"16,996 for his last lap ! @thejensie is flying over the #HourRecord"
Embedded image permalink"51,115 km, 1,415 km more than Ondrej Sosenka in 2005. WHAT A RECORD !"

Jens Voigt:
"I gave everything in the last 20 min, knowing that it was the last in my career. 51km is more than I imagined.
The crowd was amazing, supporting me all the way. This is also their record!
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With his dad <3 td="">
I am extremely proud to be joining all the iconic riders that have beaten this record before me"

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