Tour of Britain 3: Zardini Wins All

Edoardo Zardini:
”An amazing success! It still hard to believe what happened. I know that my shape was really good, last week all went well and I came in UK with good sensations. Today the whole team made a superb work for me and Bongiorno. During the stage I talked with Roberto Reverberi and we planned to attack since the bottom of the climb. I did it but at the same time I climbed fast but with a little margin for the final decisive km, where I knew that some attacks behind could arrived. Indeed when Roche bridged, I used the last energy and when we arrived under the last km I attacked again. I pulled away solo and gave all till the finish line. About the leader jersey now we see with the team day by day because the final time trial will be probably decisive and behind me there are some really strong riders”. 

1. Edoardo Zardini (BAR) 4:05:32
2. Michal Kwiatkowski (OPQ) 0:09
3. Nicola Roche (TCS) 0:11
4. Dylan Teuns (BMC) st.
5. Bradley Wiggins (SKY) 0:14
6. Giovanni Visconti (MOV) st.
7. Davide Lopez (SKY) st.
8. Sebastian Reichenbach (IAM) 0:16
20. Manuel Bongiorno (BAR) 0:52
1 Edoardo Zardini (BAR) 11:30:21
2. Michal Kwiatkowski (OPQ) 0:13
3. Nicola Roche (TCS) 0:17
4. Dylan Teuns (BMC) 0:21
5. Bradley Wiggins (SKY) 0:24

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