Worlds: Only Ben Gastaur for Luxembourg (Elite Men)

Bad story honestly. 
It isn't the first time that the Schleck(s), Andy and or Frank, deliberately skip the Worlds in order to preserve other goals. And it isn't a news that their relationship with the Luxembourgish Federation after a very good start deteriorated. 
Luxembourg is a small country but has got a few strong riders so could usually bring a good squad to the Worlds and aims to good results so it's disappointing to see that only Ben Gastauer is going to race in Ponferrada.
Bob Jungels got injuried in Spain and has been forced to renounce. Fränk Schleck has said to "Le Quotidien" that he prefers to focus on Il Lombardia (10/5).
Jempy Drucker, who had a splendid season and signed a good contract with BMC, had been not named in the national team. Called to take the place of Frank Schleck, he refused: "The FSCL didn't trust on me since the beginning. In this case I explained that in the past I had no chance in races like that. The national coach Baldinger told me that the route is as difficult as in the last Worlds in Florence but I found out that this is not true."


Anonymous said...

Erm, Andy competed only three times in the Worlds (2007, 2008 and 2009), but when did Fränk delibaretly skipped the Worlds? I think this year it's the first time. In 2013 he wasn't selected (and he didn't compete during that season at all). In 2012 he couldn't go (and wasn't selected) because he was suspended. In 2011 and 2010 he did the Worlds, in 2009 he had a knee surgery, in 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2004 he also did the Worlds. I don't know why he didn't do the Worlds in 2005, but it looks like every time he could do the race he also did it. If the relationship with the FSCL is that bad they wouldn't have selected him in the first place.

The decision to focus on Il Lombardia is a fair one, he probably has a bigger chance on a good result in that race.

Ilaria said...

Yes, about Frank I agree. My 'bad story' was about Luxembourg with no team in spite it was possible. About Lux Fed: well, they had no choice. About Il Lombardia... mah... I don't see it but maybe I'm wrong. Frank is a very dedicated and serious rider, results are a different thing. I mean: you can't say he didn't try but lately his level has been not to be compared to his contenders. Thanks for your comment :)