Courage, bravery, hardness: Flandrien 2014

Michal Kwiatowski
Flanders is not a place, is a concept and a myth. It means ramps, cobbles, villages lost in large fields and small churces atop a climb. It means courage, bravery, hardness.
So here you don't get a prize, you get a title. For 2014, here they are:

Flandrien of the year (voted by a poll of his peers): 
Greg Van Avermaet .
International Flandrien: 
Michał Kwiatkowski.
Flandrien Lady:
Belgian champion Jolien D'Hoore
Flandrien Espoire: 
BMC trainee Dylan Teuns 
Flandrien Crosser: 
Sven Nys (who else?!).

I'm glad for Greg Van Avermaet who had a super season, way better than his results show.

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