In Short: Frank Schleck about Andy's future

GP Camaiore: an exahusted Andy
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In Short:

1.Waiting On His Knee: "Andy needs to take care of his knee, most importantly. He spent some time in Mallorca training and he’s waiting on his knee getting better. We’re all waiting on that. That’s the first priority and then we’ll take it from there and that’s all I can say. I would love to say more, but we just have to wait on his knee and then he’ll base a decision on that."

2. Another step back: "He’s had a hard year, there’s no doubt. He fought hard to come back and I think he was getting better at the Tour de Suisse and even in the Tour he was fit and skinny. He wasn’t going to win the Tour but he was fit. Then he crashed and it’s another step back for him. It’s not easy for him and it’s sad for me because we always used to be together and now we just have to see what comes next.

3.The priority is the knee: "I don’t know [if he'll race again] We have to wait and see. It’s not going to help if we think or believe or even talk about it because we just don’t know. The priority is the knee. A cycling career lasts a certain number of years but if he ruins his knee long term then he has his whole life with that potential problem. We don’t want that and I think it’s fair to say he’s had a brilliant career and he’s done a lot but now it’s time to give him space. Once we know about the knee we’ll make plans for the future. Speculation counts for little."

My opinion
I texted Andy yesterday but he didn't answer, that normally isn't a good sign. Frank is right about the fact that the priority is Andy's health and, let me add, a realistic plann for his future, not necessarily out of cycling but stressing more the personal side: as I often said, he had a great career, a lot of bad luck, some personal faults - as everybody else - but a whole life ahead. It's time to move on and Andy has got all he needs to do great. Maybe not on bike: it doesn't matter. In some years it could even looks as a blessing!

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