When in Florence: L'Arte del Sogno (and Cycling So Far)

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All is special
There is a solo table in the café: a large confortable armchair close to the window. I usually sit outside, at the small table made by a recycled metallic net mixed to a creeper branch. I love the idea that the plant is having a second life. And I love siting on the narrow busy road, crowded of people walking or riding, distractly watching the ancient gate in Piazza Beccaria, where Borgo La Croce starts, that small stretch of sky.
Outside and inside
I can barely stay inside since when I came back from the country. But today it's cold. Finally, I'd say! We had no proper Summer and a very warm humid September. Now it's sunny, chilly and dry. 
L'Arte del Sogno is a small café and also a fornitures' shop with an artistic quirck - and I'm using the word in a positive way, meaning unique characteristic. It's pretty unique indead. There are other places in Florence where you can have coffee and cake while doing something else. But L'Arte del Sogno is different, cosy and a little messy. It's small and full of stuff in a creative disorder that makes you feel at home. Here I am this morning, still sleepy and not very happy.
Don't ask me why. Still again always the same. I feel very lonely now and then because I'm single at the moment and have a bad relationship with my family - or no relationship at all... My friends lives mostly abroad and I miss them in a day like this, when I'd need a good talk over a good coffee.
Team Sky on board
At least here I know that the coffee is good, and the cake too.
So what about procycling?  The next Tour de France  has been presented and yep: it suits Andy Schleck very well. Don't think of that, don't think of that... I spent the last two years suggesting that Andy was better to stop racing so now I can't complain he did. 
I also spent many years suggesting that he should have better tried to win the Giro or the Vuelta when the Tour's route didn't suit him... so now I'm really surprised reading those harsh reactions to Chris Froome. He said that next Giro suits him better than the Tour and lets him the time to get back in top shape for the Vuelta, so aiming to win both. Froome is one of the best climbers in the peloton but he's also a terrific cronoman when in shape (not in the last Vuelta): the Tour suits him but the Giro is even better because there is climbing and also TT. Where is the scandal? He starts to win so starts where he has got more chances. In add he targets two big tours and honestly Giro and Vuelta is more realistic than Contador Giro and Tour.
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Nacer Bouhanni crashed

Anyway he wasn't at the Tour presentation because Team Sky was sailing on the British sea for its first team gathering. 
The ex-Team Belkin became a yellow and black new Team LottoNL-Jumbo. I like the kit and I'm happy they found a new title sponsor. Taylor Phinney went to try the next Worlds' route in Richmond and that's great considering the awful crash  he had while reading the RR US . Nacer Bouhanni crashed now instead, at the  Six Days of Grenoble, and probably broke his collarbone. Lance Armstrong is fine it seems but will NOT ride in the Hincapie Granfondo. The news is that he was supposed to.... 
New Team new kit
As far as doping, Team Astana could lose its world tour licence as a consequence of his three positive riders and Roman Kreuziger will probably face an appeal about his case. Not so Impey who is back racing and winning after he could explain his positive by a contamination. 
Vincenzo Nibali is in Japan. and doesn't look concerned about the future of his team.
Vincenzo Nibali takes a photo of the photographer Yuzuru Sunada 
When in Florence is a new column of this blog, about places I like in the city and you should try. More or less cycling related, and COFFEE has got a very close link with cycling: many friends can confirm. Jens Voigt is famous for his many MANY coffee in a day and I once had an heartfelt conversation about' macchiato' and 'cortado' with the crosser Angus Edmond. ENJOY!

MORE ABOUT L'Arte del Sogno here: https://www.facebook.com/larte.delsogno?fref=ts

Phinney and Compton in Richmond

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