An Easy Ride: Colli Fiorentini in Fall

Red in Fall is unbelievable. Those leaves look like lit flames, those berries seem varnished, so lively and pure is the colour. Then the country shows all the range of green and yellow, from gold to reddish, to brown and havana. Riding in Fall is amazing.
This Fall is weird as I often wrote, humid but warm. As riding is concerned, you can just wake up and look out the window: rain we stay, sun we go. Last Sunday it was supposed to be rain storm - and unfortunately it was in some areas of Tuskany, devastated once again by the flood - but in Florence it was good: cloudy, slightly sunny, some patches of blue here and there. Definitely a day you can dare to ride.
My son was very busy with his homework and a little sick so he decided to stay, while I had to wait a - still - late Tiziano (his dad and my ex hub) by the way in-famous for his HUGE usual delay. And when I say 'HUGE' I mean... DAYS. This time he was supposed to come on Saturday evening but he was late and there was the excuse of the bad weather...
It was good instead but already late for a long ride, Tiziano is also in-famous for his bad character so I opted for a soft approach: - Lets start and you decide. Consider that at 3 there is the cyclocross. And that I'm not... ehm... fit. - I added, because I know he is. As a concequence he got on his beautiful Bianchi and headed south. Wearing helmet, bike kit, tartan shirt and a pair of sandals to finish it all off. He has always been a kin cyclist - and a sporty man in general - but his alternative concept of life prevents him to do things like the rest of us. Anyway sandals didn't prevent him to set a solid pace and in the end I was cooked.
As (my) tradition, the ride started with a coffee break in viale Europa, by Marcello, then we went to Bagno a Ripoli and Tiziano quickly disapeared up the climb of Ritortoli, where I had to use a very short gear and finally got off. Sum up I'm happy: I rode 2/3 of the climb!
But it was just the begining... I suspect that 'un-fit' has got a different meaning in Tiziano's dictionary. My no-performance had confused him: "We should change route then..." he said. "Where did you mean to go?!" I was. 
After this hard start we went to Ponte a Ema, rode via Chiantigiana, till Grassina and then crossed the river toward Capannuccia, in via di Tizzano. That's a very nice road to pedal, up and down but with no drama, in the beautiful landscape of the Colli Fiorentini, just out of the city, not yet in the Chianti. Going further you can climb to San Polo - 3 km, very steep. 
We stopped to take a picture and rode back till Grassina. It was enough for me but Tiziano didn't agree and I didn't want to discuss so we took via di Campigliano - a nice narrow alternative road - till Ponte a Ema and by the still enjoyable Cinque Vie we reached the Galluzzo. 
At this point I was already cooked so via Senese (slightly uphill) was a bit too much. But I had recovered in viale dei Colli and even attacked before the last climb toward Piazzale Michelangelo, passing Tiziano and keeping going at a relatively high speed. He re-passed me in the descent and given that he's definitely smarter in the trafic we met again at home. In time for a quick lunch and to watch the cyclocross.
Sum up, a nice ride!

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