Cyclocross: Pauwels Pips Nys in Zonhoven

Embedded image permalinkA sunny Sunday, a dry sandy cyclocross. Not ideal for Lars van der Haar but he did a great race, really rocking those tricky descent and showing consistency in those hard climbs. 
Sven Nys was on his terrain: classy, beautiful, incomparable. Only Tom Meeusen was able to keep his wheel in the first part of the race but paid it later, dropped at the last lap. Klaas Vantornout was looking strong but fell in the descent and couldn't come back. 
Embedded image permalinkIn front of a huge crowd Sven Nys attacked at the last lap, passed Pauwels with a daring move, speeded up to drop van der Haar, too fast at the sprint, but couldn't drop Pauwels, very fast as well. Fastest indead: and Pauwels won, at the sprint. Van der Haar was 3rd, Meeusen 4th.
But Lars van der Haar is the new leader in the Superprestige overall classification. Bravo! 

Embedded image permalinkLars van der Haar:
"Today a 3rd place in SP Zonhoven! Satisfied with that. Did a good race. But had to admit others were just stronger today. Hard weekend!! :)
Today I was a mechanic as well! My front thru-axle quick release came loose in the downhills!! :O I fixed it while running uphill. Lucky! :) "

3.Van der Haar
5.Van der Poel

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