Jay McCarthy: "Cycling is a Team Effort" (and more!)

22-year old, Australian, one Grand Tour done, interesting guy.

Jay McCarthy : 
“I’ve had a solid season in the manner that I’ve developed steadily, I rode my first Giro d’Italia and I got some more World Tour experience and power. I’m getting closer to finding myself as a rider. 
Right now, I see myself moving in the direction of becoming a rider for the medium mountain or hilly stages, where you try your luck and play the tactical game carefully. 
I like working for the team captains even if it completely ruins my own chances in the race. Cycling is a team effort, and I learn a lot from riding with my captains. It feels as a sort of victory, when you let go of the front after having done your very best.
It’s so important to get the coaching as a young rider. It’s hard work throughout the year, but I enjoy being on this team. And even though I’ve only been off my bike for two weeks, I really can’t wait to get back on it – especially when the entire team is so determined to perform in 2015."

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