Firenze Cycling MeetUp: Cascine del Riccio

Cascina Del Riccio, Firenze Oil Painting - Ulvi Liegi
Cascine del Riccio by Ulivi Liegi
Macchiaioli, Vedutisti, post impressionists. They used to paint dal vero landscapes and the nature, the daily life or modest people. Their style was sober, realistic without naturalism, aware of the lesson of Cezannes, using the colour to build volumes and decomposing forms by a geometrical filter. In the first years of the XX century they brought Paris to Florence and to the villages around the city, rather painting a narrow streat by the river Ema than the new rich square in the Center, rebuilt destrying when Florence was Capital.
By The River Ema by Graziano Marsili
They used to come on foot or also by bike, carrying  easel and palette to represent with a mixed feeling the mixed age they were living in, modernity side by side with the past.
Some of them are famous, like Lega and Fattori, others have been forgotten. It was a large movement, revolutionary in a way because it gave value to simple thing, watching the world with the eye of poor people, workers, village women, children rudely playing in a negletted grass while watching after a suburban herd.
I often think of them while riding by the river Ema from Le Cinque Vie to Cascine del Riccio, so close to Florence but still completely different. The landscape didn't change that much, the sun still reflects his golden rays in the small stream water, or a rosy cloud. There are more cars, especially in the rush hour when Florentines use it as shortcut. On Sunday it's full of cyclists.
I have been there riding yesterday, for the Three Months Celebration Ride of the Firenze Cycling MeetUp. We met at 11 am by the Chiosco Il Tempio, rode up to Piazzale Michelangelo, down to Galluzzo and in the river Ema valley by Le Cinque Vie and Cascine del Riccio. We reached Ponte a Ema and went back to the start by Via Chiantigiana and Via di Villamagna. 20 km more or less, just to get it started.
It's the first time we actually ride together, in spite we are already 14 , and only few came. I know: Winter isn't the best season to start a cycling club.... Anyway, the weather was perfect,  we went as slowly as we were supposed to go and in spite we were riding mixed bikes - race bikes and a mbk - I think it has been amusing.
The next ride will be in January so I wish all my Easy Riders a merry Xmas and a happy new year!
I must bring my camera once, yes I must bring it and try to take some pictures of those lovely places. But I didn't yesterday and looking for images I ran into those two painters I didn't know, Ulivi Liegi and Graziano Marsili. A fortunate occurrence!

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