In Short: Martin Kohler looking for freedom at Drapac

Martin KohlerHe's one of my favourite riders, used to be a close friend some years ago, then we lost contact and I was curious to read about his move to a new team.
One thing I have always apreciated in Martin Kohler: the ability to stay on touch with his emotions. 
Well done guy, you know what you are worth of!

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In Short:

Martin Kohler:
"It's good and I am pretty excited. It's well organised and everybody has been really welcoming so I feel happy and comfortable already. I am excited to start the season.
It's a totally new experience because since I turned pro, I only rode for BMC. I didn't really know any of my new teammates [when I joined Drapac] so it's a new step in my career but I think sometimes you need a change to move forward.
I am targeting races in the USA such as Tour of California, Tour of Utah and Colorado for stage wins.
Of course if I can win races my biggest goal is to get back winning like I was at U23 but also seeing the team growing and winning and progressing and getting bigger for 2016 and 2017.
For sure at BMC I had hardly any freedom at all with world champions like Phillippe Gilbert and Cadel Evans on the team. Drapac is a bit smaller than BMC, so I think I'll get more chances to ride for myself but there are also good riders on the team so I'll help them to win as well. In general, I hope to have more freedom and go for my own chances than I had in the last seven years.
Of course it was nice on one hand, but on the other hand I knew I was out of contract and I wanted to show myself but I didn't get the chance because Phil was leading the tour and I had to work again. It was nice to finish with the win and for sure it's better than Phil getting second or third.
It's hard to say after only one or two weeks so it depends on how the season goes [about 2016]. On one hand I am looking to go back to the WorldTour but we will see how the year goes but I really like the team and I don't have a reason to leave.
[About his tattoo: a kangaroo inside a boomerang inked on his inner right bicep]
I got it ten or eleven years ago. I spent three months travelling Australia when I was six-years-old with my parents and it was for me a completely new world. Therefore it's always a special place to me, the animals are different, the landscape is different. Everything is different to Switzerland so that is why I got the tattoo.
It also relates to cycling. The boomerang always comes back which means, when I crash or get sick or have bad days, I always come back better. The kangaroo inside means I don't go backward, I always look forward."

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