Lets Finish! Lets Start! My schedule... and the pro peloton's

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Vera The Cat watching cyclocross on the new tv
I must admit I'm eager: bring on the new season! it seems age since the last road race and in spite of my cyclocross winter drug I'm looking forward to the first Classic on the calendar. 
I miss live racing, as always. So the first short tours in Australia or Arabia wont be enough. And fortunately GP Costa degli Etruschi is back: windy cold fast finish by the sea.
But it's a long way till there. Before, and for the first time, I'm going to see a cyclocross in Belgium: on December the 28th, in Diegem    so stay tuned because a great reportage is coming! I'll stay in Brussels 12/27-31 and will fly home for New Years Eve: let me know if you are around, I'll glad to meet you. 
For sure I'm going to meet two riders whose friendship makes me very proud: Lars van der Haar and Angus Edmond. As far as I know them, they are different but both special and I'm honoured if they can find a bit of time for me. In add a Belgian friend and cycling photographer is going to guide me to discover Brussels following the fil rouge of Jaques Brel.
Anyway that's my schedule. As far as the pro peloton, Cafe Roubaix provided us with this outstanding stuff:
I don't see Frank Schleck and Bauke Mollema there but suppose the list going to be updated.
Ah! I forgot: do you remember my Firenze Cycling MeetUp? it's three months now and we are going to celebrate with an easy ride on Sunday. Feel free to join!
Three Months Celebration Ride

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