Share The Road: "Tommy Sapeva Correre" presented

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Tommaso Cavorso was 13 yo when a car driver killed him doing a forbiden move to pass some other cars. He was training with his team, Aquila, the same time of Gino Bartali (and my son's too). 
After four years the court still have to give a final verdict, the killer paied nothing yet and never stopped driving. 
Tommaso's father is fighting not only for his personal justice but for safety on the roads for alls.
The ex rider Paolo Alberati wrote this book that today has been presented in Autodromo del Mugello. Many people was there, including some Astana's staff, and many young cyclists, including my son. They ride two laps of the track, then watched a bike show by Alberto Limatore, bike trial Italian champion. Finally the book has been presented by the author, Tommaso's dad and Maurizio Fondriest. Copies has been sold for charity.
Tommaso's story will remain forever with us, impossible to forget.
I'm just a little disappointed about the writer, under investigation for doping, and honestly also for the special guests from a special watched team (Astana). 
Also, I think it would have been better to hold the event in a place closer to the city, where kids could have gone by bike, in the week-end. 
As for me, I allowed my son to exit school earlier to take part and he came home excited and thoughtful. He told me: "Mom, Fondriest told us that once a car driver killed two apple trees in Trentino and had to paid more than another one who killed a person. It isn't fair."
No, it isn't.

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