Six Questions With Michael Valgren

Michael ValgrenI got this and I'm glad to post it:

At the start of the season, what were your goals for 2014?

In the beginning of the season my goal was to adjust to the team and get a lot of experience from the experienced riders on the team. And of course I wanted to show the team that I am a huge talant so that they would believe in me.

What was your highlight?

It is 3 races combined. Tour of Denmark, which put me on the Vuelta list which in the end gave me the legs that almost won at the worlds! It has been a really really cool period of my carreer and maybe also why people are talking about me because of my performance at the Worlds!

Did you have any disappointments during the season?

I will not call it a disappointment but rather being realistic. I was not good in the classics the way I hoped to be. But at that moment I was just not strong enough. I had some difficult weeks before the classics but I came out strong from it, also mentally stronger.

Danish bike rider of the year...did you expect that?

A part of me expected it, but it was not my decision but the public of Denmark and that made me nervous. I won with 37% of the votes so Denmark also wanted me to win.

What was going through your mind on the last lap in Ponferrada?

I was scared actually. Scared to fail and that is not good because when you are scared you don't dare to win and take the chances. I should have tried something before Kwiatkowski came across but was not sure I was good enough. I regret that I didn't try. 

What have you learnt from the more experienced rider on Tinkoff-Saxo so far?

I've learnt a lot of small things in the race, after and before but most of all I am just so amazed by my teammates and the way they take care of me and respect me. I feel so welcome and I am so grateful for that. It's not always easy to come to a new team as a youngster but they've made it easy for me and easy to be myself.

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