Tour de France Obsession: A claim for creativity

There we go...

Chris Froome:
“I've enjoyed my time off, and now I am concentrating on preparing myself mentally and physically for the season ahead. I’ve started training in the warm weather in South Africa where I have been able to get some decent miles in on the bike.
Of course, together with the team, we’ve had to prioritise some events over others, but the Tour will remain my main focus for 2015. The concept of doing all three Grand Tours in a season has got appeal but having said that, I know how hard it is to do two Grand Tours while targeting the overall win. At this point in my career I feel that the Tour takes priority. There may come a time at some point down the line where other races may take preference, but for 2015, it’s the Tour.
There is no doubt that this Tour de France is going to be a tough test, but I enjoy the challenge and there’s no reason why I would be any worse off than any of the other contenders. It is our responsibility as a team to adapt accordingly so that we can be as competitive as possible there.
It’s a climbers Tour next year so I’m going to have to work extra hard in the mountains and spend less time on practising time trialling. It’s also going to be important to be as light as possible so our nutrition will play a key role. There will be new tests for me as an individual, that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

My opinion:
Earlier the Brit had said he'd rather race the Giro next year, giving that in 2015 the Italian tour suits better his qualities. At that time I added some considerations about a new strategy by Team Sky, including a more important role for a rider like Geraint Thomas and a more creative approach to the calendar.
Instead the Tour de France obsession hit again! I'm really disappointed. I still hope to see something new and creative in the Classics (by Swift, Thomas and Roche) but it seems that we are going to have the same soup as always in the grand tours: a minor squad to the Giro (Wiggins TRAINING fo the hour record?! just offensive), all focus on the Tour de France and La Vuelta as last chance if things go bad. Deja vu. What a drag!
It's absolutely irritating this waste of talent by so many riders in the attempt to win one race negletting all the rest. It wasn't like that in the old good times of cycling. And I'm not talking of the unrealistic idea to win all the three grand tours by the same rider, no: I'm just talking of its opposite! the realistic idea to actually win a grand tour or even more than one by different riders according with their qualities and the route.
I understand the challenge but why in the earth shouldn't Froome and Team Sky prefer to win the Giro AND maybe to put a rider on the Tour de France podium or even top five? why shouldn't Team Sky support Geraint Thomas in an exciting challenge while Chris Froome can secure a better result in the Giro? And why - WHY?! - do you prefer to win twice the Tour de France when you could add the Giro to your Palmares?
Be CREATIVE gentlemen! be BRAVE! don't fester in the same stinky routine!

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