I'm Riding In The Rain... Commuter's Adventures

From last night
It was snowing last afternoon, do you remember? then it started raining VERY much, TOO much. I ate my lunch thinking: "Ok, if it stops I go by bike if not I go by car". I was supposed to be at school at 2.30 pm for a grading meeting. At 2 pm it was still pourring, even more if possible. I went to my car and... it didn't start! nothing! totally dead!
I'm a rational person, I don't panic. Can you imagine me in my dark green Kangoo, both wet, in the pourring rain, me thinking - a bit like Winnie the Pooh... well... QUICKER.... - about a solution? I was already late. I phoned my mom: my dad was coming back from a ski trip on the Alps, maybe he was already at home and could give me a lift to school. But no. 
No options: I had to ride. 
Riding in the rain is something I normally do, no drama. I even like it... when I can go home and have a hot shower after it. I don't like it at all when I have to stay wet. In add it's a little risky: roads aren't safe in Florence and car drivers can't see you well in the rain, even the few who care. 
I came back home, put on my helmet, filled a bike backpack with my stuff and rode away in the deluge. I must admit I was feeling good: no cold, quite sure on the slippery tarmac, confortable. Only the rain on my face wasn't exacly nice and I could see few so I was riding prudently. The bright side of the situation was that there was no traffic at all: cars had stopped beside the road, there were no pedestrians crossing the steet and absolutely no cyclists. The few cars passing me - and a bus - made me even wetter but at that point it didn't matter. Fortunately it wasn't windy.
I reached my school, took the time to lock my bike... I couldn't get any wetter... entered the meeting room, with my collegues already working and apologised: "I'm sorry, my car didn't start". Everybody stared at me in disbelieve: "Did you come by bike? in this rain?" I felt proud. Then realised it has been nothing special... and that the worse part of it has still to come. My shoes and trousers were soacked, the rest quite dry. I started and joined the meeting.
Four hours later it was still raining. In add it was dark. Resigned I unlocked my bike and rode home. It was a quite night. The bikelane was almost flooded and dirty, I thought it was safer to stay on the road, that by the river is all stright, and I was just there when... a blackout put all the street lamps out of order! It was already hard to see something because of the rain, it was really dangerous riding in that full night...
But it was amazing and beautiful when I come out to the bridge and saw all the lights on by the other side and the hill of Fiesole confused in the rain. 
At home there was a lovely surprise...

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