In Short: Interview with Andy Fenn

Majorca Training Camp 2015
There is an interview here.

In short:

1. OPQS, no Victoriesbig lesson"I did lose confidence a bit at Quick Step, but it wasn’t all bad. I learned an awful lot there, especially from the likes of Mark Cavendish. Working in the sprint train for him I could see that I still have plenty of speed, I'm putting out the watts that you need to be competitive in the sprints, so I know that ability is still there. It's just a case of getting some confidence back."

2. Aiming to the Classics: "I'd like to make a place for myself in the Classics team and find my niche there – that's certainly what they're aiming me towards. If I were select one objective for the year it would be to become an integral part of Sky's Classics group. That's my main goal, especially for the first part of the season, and then the sprinting will come off the back of that."

3. Sky New Sprint Group: "There's a good little sprint group now at Sky, and that's another thing that Sky are going to try to push. With the strong push for the Classics, that's two new things that Sky are going to do and I'm in line to be part of both of them, and it's good to be part of something that's new like that. Obviously Team Sky is a grand tour team, that's their main focus, but the Classics and winning stages in stage races is where they are missing victories. If you compare their number of wins with Quick Step's, for instance, then there's a big difference. I think they've realised that if you get a few sprinters on board, it can help."

4. Improving As a Sprinter: "I definitely think I can still make my mark as a sprinter. I led out a few times last year, and that gave me some more insight into what it takes to be competitive as a sprinter. Although the few times I sprinted my results weren't all that impressive, but I know from training what I can put out numbers-wise, and that gives me a good reference point now."

5. Schedule: Majorca Challenge, Tour of Dubai, Het Nieuwsblad and Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne.

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