Majorca Reportage: 5. Exclusive Interview with Elia Viviani

Elia Viviani
I met Elia Viviani at Team Sky press day and that's what he told me.
More about him here :)

Ilaria: Hello Elia, we already know each other from FaceBook but I'm glad to meet you here at Team Sky press day and to be able to ask you a few questions. First of all, inevitably: you are now racing with a new team, what's going to be your role? also considering that Team Sky usually starts a race with one leader and that should be Swift.
Elia: Yes, it used to be like that but the team's approach recently changed because they realised that the one leader strategy is too risky in case things go wrong. The team's focus changed also a little, the Tour de France remains the main goal but other races are important too. My role is to win races. With Geraint Thomas, Ben Swift, Bernie Eisel, Ian Stannard and Luke Rowe we have the best lead-out ever, if they are all together and set to work for the sprint. Who's going to disputate it will depends on the route and I'm sure we'll going to collaborate very well, Swift and I.
Ilaria - Indead, your charatteristics are different: you are maybe faster and Swift is a better climber. So what are your goals?
Elia: Yes. The first big race for me is Gent-Wevelgem – that’s the big focus of the first part of the year. Then after that my priority will be a Giro d’Italia stage win. I went very close a few times last year... I don’t have the power of Kittel or Greipel, I am about 500 watts down on them, but I am ready with a good lead-out to make up for it. We will work as a team to arrive at 150m in the perfect position and hopefully that will help me beat sprinters like Kittel.
Ilaria: You are Italian so of course the Giro is an important goal. What about Italian cycling? do you think the situation is improving after years of deep crisis?
Elia: Yes, I think now it's definitely better. It isn't just Nibali anymore, there is a new generation already. For the grand tours I can name Aru, Formolo... Instead the Italian cycling still lacks new talents for the Classics... 
Ilaria: After Pozzato and Quinziato it seems there is nobody yet. What could the Italian Federation do to support the movement?
Elia: In my opinion it should create a national project to manage young talents directly, especially in the lower cathegories that now depend completely by clubs. A young promising rider should be supported and allowed to mature, not asked for immediate results. It's the British or Australian model, and it works, avoiding dispersion and valorising qualities. Of course it requires money.
Ilaria: Many think a key point is a multidiscipline approach. No doubt you agree, given that you are one of the few Italian riders also competing on the track, and successufully.
Elia: Yes, the track is important. This year the world cup isn't my main goal though, I'm going to race on the track but just for the Olympic points.
Ellie: Last question!
Ilaria: Ok, ok! I'd like to ask more about you as a person but we don't have the time. I'll send you somthing by mail, would you like?
Elia: Sure. I'm sorry I was late...
Ilaria: It's ok. Last question: if you weren't a rider, what would you be?
Elia: I risked to be a football player because I passed the selection for Team Hellas.
Ilaria: How old were you?
Elia: 14
Ilaria: Wow! bravo! ...but what would you like to be, if you could choose?
Elia: A good businessman.
Ilaria: Yes, I see you as it. Thank you Elia and good luck!

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