Majorca Reportage 6: Interview with Ben Swift

Ben Swift
That is the result of a round table, not a one-one interview and not a world by world transcription. 
I still have a question I'd have liked to ask but I didn't because, as always, it was out of topic, long term and personal: "You are a sprinter, light builded and quite good climber. Have you ever considered the possibility to evolve in a finisseur? and what should you do to achieve this result?"
I'll ask it... the next time!
About Ben Swift in general you can find something here.

Ilaria: Hello Ben. You had a terrific season in 2014, lots of podiums but few victories. What's your goal for 2015?
Ben: To consolidate with victories last year results. I'm sure I can do that.
Ilaria: Why are you sure? and what are you doing to achieve this result?
Ben: First of all and unlike last year I had a solid winter, injury free. And that makes a big difference. Then I'm training hard on the bike and also off to improve my general fitness.
Ilaria: What's your schedule?
Ben: My first races are Majorca Challenge and Dubai, then Paris-Nice. Of course Milano Sanremo is a big goal.
Ilaria: The finish changed and it is back in via Roma, do you like it?
Ben: I prefered the race as it was last year. With the new route we'll have a big group arriving, many have got a chance. But yes, I like it.
Ilaria: You are one of the few Team Sky riders survived since the begining in 2011
Ben: Yes. There have been changes since that, especially this year, there are some new guys and that's good, they are eager to impress, to have a strong early season.
Ilaria: You are a veteran instead. And for sure used to train here.
Ben: Indead. I like training in famialiar places, you don't have to think too much. And training at Team Sky is very organised. Something I learnt to apreciate.
Ilaria: Were you surprised at the begining?
Ben: I think it's the best way to do it. 
Ilaria: What about the Worlds in Richmond? 
Ben: No, it isn't a goal probably. It's too far. After the Tour de France I usually have a long break and that makes hard to be ready for Worlds.
Ilaria: Bradley Wiggins is about to leave the team. How do you live it? is it a bit a relieve, is there more room for others to get a leading role in different races? 
Ben: No, he's the most profesional guy in the team. It has never been a problem.
Ilaria: And what about Chris Froome? is he different?
Ben: Chris is the same, brilliant.
Ilaria: Do you think that Wiggins can break the Hour Record?
Ben: Yes, definitely. 
Ilaria: Amongh your new team mates there is Elia Viviani, a sprinter like you even if with different charatteristics. How are you going to manage it?
Ben: Very well, I think. We are going to race together the most and sometimes separated. It's no problem. It's going to work perfectly.
Ilaria: Thank you Ben. And good luck!

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