Majorca Reportage: 7. Interview with Chris Froome

Chris Froome
That is the results of a round table, not a one-one interview and not a world by world transcription. 
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Ilaria: Hello Chris. So how are you? You had a rough year but also an important one, you get married...
Chris: Yes. It has been harder than expected, but at the end of the season I was happy, I finished with a good feeling. And yes, of course, marriage gave me stability
Ilaria: Things changed but in a way you can say they settled, in your life as well as in the team. There are some new guys...
Chris: ...and it's exciting to think they are all for me! With Konig, Roche, Poels and Koren I have got an even stronger support in the mountains. That's great! I'm looking forward!
Ilaria: Back to last season, you struggled with illness during the first part, then the crash in the Tour and in the Vuelta you sufferend.
Chris: I wasn't 100% but I wanted to give 100%. I wanted to be in the fight for the overall victory, that gave me motivation and kept me pushing. And the team. The athmosphere counts: we are in each other pocket for weeks in a grand tour... Some day has been very hard in the Vuelta, a was at the back, dropped... but I was feeling the team fully supporting me, everyday when I was back in the bus I could feel it and it kept me fighting
Ilaria: And now you are looking forward to be fighting again. What's your schedule?
Chris: My first race is Tirreno-Adriatico, then one of the Ardennes Classics... I do the Fleche. After that we are going to focus on the Tour.
Ilaria: And you are going to be the one leader. Bradley Wiggins is set to race with Team Sky till Paris-Roubaix and then will definitely switch to the track. How do you feel about this?
Chris: I wish him the best. We have different destinies, he's back to the track, I keep aiming to grand tours. That's fine...
Ilaria: Did pressure have a part in last year crash?
Chris: No,no... I don't think so. Crashes are just a part of the game. Not all is in control. The first crash, somebody fell in front of me, in a very calm moment of the race. The second one was a consequence of the first one, I couldn't handle my bike with a broken wrist... 
Ilaria: Next Tour de France features again some risky stages in the first week, are you concerned? 
Chris: No. I'm even more determined after what happened last year.
Ilaria: So no Giro d'Italia.
Chris: At first, when I saw the route, I thought that Giro suits me, but then the Tour de France is the biggest race in the world, I feel that I have to try to win the Tour again, at this point of my career. And riding both, Giro and Tour, aiming to win is few realistic, for me at least. Giro and Vuelta is better, more possible, but I want to defend my title in the Tour.
Ilaria: So do you think Contador's choice to race Giro and Tour is risky?
Chris: Riding both Giro and Tour aiming to win... yes, is possible. But not for me.
Ilaria: But do you think riding the Giro will make Contador a less dangerous contender in the Tour?
Chris: Contador remains the main contender. There are others, Nibali, Quintana, Valverde... Also Purito can't be discounted. But yes, I think the main conteder are Contador and me. This rivalry is good for the sport, fans like it. And as far as me we are going to have the strongest team ever.
Ilaria: What about your back problems?
Chris: It's ok now. It's matter of optimising all, bike position, training, gym... to avoid any further problem.
Ilaria: How did your motivation changed in these years, after and before your victory in the Tour, and after last year?
Chris: I'm as motivated as ever, hunger for another win in the Tour de France. Much more than before as I can see now the big picture: it isn't just about winning a race. Promoting clean cycling, that's my goal. That's the most important thing. Also the UCI should be more coherent and should give continuity to its action against doping. For exemple, Team Astana's case didn't send the right messages. But it isn't to me to decide...
Ilaria: Aiming to win again the Tour, to win it clean to support a new culture in the spost, is that?
Chris: Yes, exactly.
Ilaria: How are you going to achieve this result? how are you preparing for it?
Chris: Sticking to the basis. I haven't changed that much. I like training on my own, then there are training camp and training at altitude is very important, it helps me a lot.
Ilaria: Thank you Chris. And good luck!

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