Next is Majorca: to Team Sky press day (and Charly Hebdo)

Strade Bianche 2014
Tomorrow I'll leave by train to Rome, then I'll fly to Madrid and from there to Majorca to attend on Sunday to Team Sky press day. It's the first time I can go, because in the past it was on a working day so I was busy at school, and it's my first time in Majorca. 
Team Sky is one of my favourites in cycling and no doubt an interesting one. Money aren't a problem with such a big sponsor so Team Sky has been - and still is - an avanguard in procycling as far as training and recovering techniques are involved, as well as nutrition, but also race strategy and comunication. Being Sky a media network the team's relationship with media is obviously peculiar, unlike other teams Team Sky doesn't really need 'to earn' the media's attention.
I'm looking forward to see something of that. Unfortunately Dario Cataldo - one of my favourite riders - isn't there anymore, racing for Team Astana in 2015, but there are plenty of riders I'd like to interview or at least to meet: Valsil Kiryenka, Ben Swift, Elia Viviani.... Geraint Thomas and Bradley Wiggins shouldn't be there. Chris Froome will be very much on demand but I hope I'll have some shared time.
I'm not a journalist, I'm a reporter and a blogger, I tell what I see, and also what I feel and what I think. I'm curious. So I go there to understand better and to feel how people 'taste' from closer. 
Riders don't like press days usually. They like riding their bike more than being shooted by photographers or asked by interviewers. Those early season interviews then are often banal indead: your schedule? season goals? shape? Riders often know better than what they reply but can't tell it all, not everybody. Watching faces and postures, listening to voices is always revealing. 
Following a training session is very interesting because bodies can't lie: you can see who's fit, who's fat, who's experimenting new positions or materials, and also who's close to whom and who's isolated (if anybody). 
I'll take what I get, I go with no expectation, that's always the best way to be surprised and to apreciate new things. But yep: I'm excited, and also a little worried. I can't detect it exactly but there is something somewhere making me nervous... I'll let you know when I know it myself.

PS: 'Charlie Hebdo'
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"It's hard to be loved by idiots"
A friend shared this and I more or less agree
In add I must say that: 1. offending others isn't the best of freedom and democracy means also respect, dialogue not that I say what I want you are free to not listen, that's autism. 2. going killing people with your ID is quite strange, loosing it in a stolen car... ehm... is very strange. Maybe it isn't just 'ISIS' aiming to sharpen conflits but also, like often has been, secret services and other big actors on the international play board.
Of course I'm with the victims and their families, as well as for the many other victims of terrorism and war around the world. Things are always a bit more complicated, simple things are seldom true.

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