Team Giant Alpecin (Men) and Liv Plantur (Women) Presented in Berlin

Not glamorous, not technical. Giant Alpecin Team launch looks more like a political event. Indead it's held in the French Embassy in Berlin.
Speakers talk both (perfect) German and (bad) English, they are formal but friendly. 
Big stuff. And I like the new jersey.
First of all a recap of the last season is shown, with the many victories of Team Giant Shimano. Then we are back on stage: quick and effective. 
The first stressed point is that Team Giant Alpecin is the first World Tour Team with a German Licence since many years, and that means taking responsability. The team general manager says that cycling is the front fighter against doping amongh the other sports, and I agree. Cycling stopped ignoring the problem and is doing a lot to face and resolve it. Right.
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Lars Van der Haar
The second stressed point is equality: opportunities for sponsors are the same with men teams (in men events for men products) and women teams (in women events for women products) so it's fair to build both a men team and a women team, supporting them in the same way and giving them the same exposure. It's even smart! 
As far as sponsors: about Giant bikes we know but it seems that also Alpecin (shampoo) has got a long relationship with cycling! it restarts it now after a break and images are shown of old races and riders.
It's time to call on stage a basic component of the team: its coaches. They aren't used to talk but to hard work. 
Riders introduction is stunning, with a balck and white vid focusing on eyes. And then, some interviews: fisrt one is with the birthday guy John Degenkolb: he says it's great to have a German team. 
Tom Dumoulin thanks the team for his recent progress. Marcel Kittel says there is a big motivation in crowning with a victory a job involving all the team. Warren Barguil is thanking evrybody in his very bad English :) I belove him!
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Lucy Garner
Finally a woman: Amy Pieters, happy to be there and ready to fight.
Cheng Ji is the first chinese rider finishing in the Tour de France. Cycling is blowing up in China!
Simon Geschke remembers the first time of the team, when all was smaller. Now it's big and future looks bright. He's also happy that's a German team.
Lucy Garner talks about her season, from the development team to the elite one, having the opportunity to learnt from more experienced riders. Her bf Lars van der Haar is also there: the new kit definitely suits him!
Lawson Craddock is very excited to be part of this team. 
Sum up: that's a new start for German cycling

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