A Windy Ride

Andrea Solecosta "Molino del Piano, Circolo La Torretta"
The week-end has been rainy, I was looking forward to a ridible day and it finally came, with the wind. Fray clouds, dark, white and rosy, were brought around in the sky like prisoners of a fickle jailer. Invisible, the headwind was like a wall against my face, an immateriale weight making hard to pedale, while the crosswind coming from the river in the open stretches of the road was like a brutal hand moving me sideway.
My dad was riding in front, sheltering me a bit with his large figure, still it was hard. We went toward Pontassieve by Compiobbi, on the road by the river, daring the heavy traffic, trucks and coaches passing close and forcing us to ride on the edge. In the village of Sieci we crossed the railway and headed to Molin del Piano. The road from Florence to Pontassieve is a good combination of moderate climbs and easy descents, while now we were costantly climbing on a slight slope. 
In the  headwind I was looking for my shorter gear... when I realised it was already on! I felt miserable, I must admit it. And exactly there, on that infamous stretch of the road that you would hardly define 'hilly', my son passed in the opposite direction training with his team. "Hello!" the DS said. My son didn't even saw me and dashed away in the small group of kids wearing the black and white "Team Aquila" kit. 
We went on till Torre al Sasso, where the steep climb to Vetta Le Croci begins, then back home. It was tailwind now and we were flying. Not a bad feeling and finally a decent speed. 
The ride is 40 km more or less and in normal condition an easy one. Today the wind made it less easy and it took almost 2 hours. 
Under the shower, washing away cold and pain, Shelley's verse came to my mind: "O Wind/If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?" Indead no, it's close and already growing with wild flowers in negletted fields just by the road. I'm looking forward!

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