"Andy, Why do you ride?"

Tour de France 2013
There is more than that in this beautiful article by Lee Rodgers on PezCycling and I suggest you read it all. But that question here... how many times I'd have liked to ask... well, I asked it a few times but I didn't get a proper answer. Then sometimes I didn't 'interview' Andy but just had a 'talk'. So intense I didn't remeber all after and I see that's a big fault for a reporter.
Anyway, here you have the question and the answer. And I can't help to feel pain reading the last and thinking he isn't racing anymore. But riding? I'll ask next time...

Me: “Andy, last question: Why do you ride?”
Andy Schleck: “Well, my uncle rode, my father rode too, and then my brother started, so I… [here he paused for a good ten-seconds before starting again]. You know… I ride because if I don’t get out there and hurt myself for two or three days, I miss it.” 

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