Giacomo Nizzolo Building Up in the Etoile de Bessèges

Embedded image permalinkNo, I'm not covering this race as I have never done, because there is no streaming and I don't find it interesting. I only made an exception when Andy was racing it. In add I think it's too early for a stage race in France and every year there are problems with the weather conditions, protests by the riders, disrupted stages or risky racing. I don't like.
Anyway I like Giacomo Nizzolo. He had a troubled winter and a disappointing start in the Tour Down Under but I'm glad to see his shape is coming back. Second today, much better to come.

Giacomo Nizzolo:
“It’s too bad because Coquard passed me in the last 10 meters, even less. I am happy to be back on one side, but to be first is much better than to be second. I don’t want to have a repeat of last year.
For me it was one of the hardest days on the bike of my life! I tried to save as much power the best I could, especially on the climb, and really anytime I could. In the end I told the boys, ‘okay, I am here’ and then I just tried to do the sprint the best I could.
I didn’t expect to find my form back this early. I still have work to do to get my top shape. I am happy to be there, and of course second is better than third place, but it is still not a win. After the work the team did today, I really wanted to give them a victory. But I think with a little bit of luck we will get there, and then it’s going to be a party for us.”

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