In Short: Giorgia Bronzini For Equality (and my opinion)

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In short:

Giorgia Bronzini:
“With the prize money, we’re really, really far away from where the men are. If you look at the maglia rosa at the Giro for example. If you win the Giro Rosa you win 500 Euro [525 Euro in 2014].
I thank the organisers of the Giro because they put the race on, of course, but if one day I win the Giro, and I split the money with my teammates. If I do that I’m left with maybe 50 Euro. We’ll then I can go and eat a pizza with my friends. The women must have more when it comes to sponsors, and television to improve. More sponsors are coming and that’s great but there just needs to be more consideration.
In the last years things have really grown up a lot in women’s cycling and it’s not all bad because there are a lot of good things in our sport and in the improvements. As riders we show that we want to show what we can do and our races are exciting to see, sometimes more than the men’s flat stages at the Giro.
There you see a break go with a few riders, they’re caught with 15km to go and there’s a sprint. So some days, if I’m watching, I sleep until they catch the break and there’s a sprint. But if you look at our races, even the flat stages, that doesn’t happen so much. Of course the men are racing for longer distances so the racing has to be different.”

My opinion
Of course I agree! and I think that male riders should do more to IMPOSE EQUALITY in procycling. It's about time!

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