In Short: Lucy Garner about Ladies Tour of Qatar (and more)

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In Short:
1. Qatar: "The first race of the season was last week in Qatar. It’s a four day race on very flat, open and long desert roads. My teammates had warned me how windy it can be in Qatar so I was definitely prepared for a very hard opening race. 
The racing was tough but the wind wasn’t as bad as we all expected so the peloton kept together rather than breaking up on two out of the four stages. 
The two days when it did split, unfortunately I wasn’t in the first group on either day."
2. Crash: "Stage 3 was extremely nervous, which means there is far more chance of a crash and that’s exactly what happened…and I was in it. 
It was a big crash but luckily I wasn’t badly hurt and managed to get straight back on my bike. By then the group was already split though, because of the increased pace and the wind."
3. Knee problems: "Overall I was a bit disappointed with the first race of the season. My preparation had to be altered in the build up to the race because I have been suffering with painful knees, which makes putting a lot of pressure on the pedals hard.
I’ve been having plenty of physio treatment and that seems to be making a difference so I’m confident I will come back strong and quickly.
This little setback does mean changing the way I’m training at the moment. For a while I will have to concentrate on recovering as quickly as possible, rather than the specific training I was doing for sprinting."
4. TeamTraining: "I left for Spain on Friday for a week training with my team. I will be concentrating mostly on endurance rides but hopefully I will be able to try some short sprints too. 
I’m hopeful this camp, and the change in my training, will allow me to get back on track, build my confidence and start getting to the front of the peloton again!"

Good luck Lucy!

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