In the Sun

In the sun
As far as me it's fine if I can have the sun. I just need a bit of grass, a bit of water and a lot of sun to be completely happy
The wind washed all clouds away from our sky and gave it me back immaculate, vibrant blue. So now I can sit at my favourite table and contemplate. I have a book and some work to do but basicly I'm lost in the sun, savouring the pleasure of it. 
It isn't exactly 'hot', it's early and still a little windy, but the sun is warm my face and the light makes me close the eyes. It remembers me the sunny midday in the mountains, skiing far from the world, in a white desert of sparking snow. 
The glitter on the water is fascinating, dazzling. My bike is leaning on a tree already crowded of sparrows, inquisitive and bold. 
A good coffee, a good friend who finally found a moment to meet excaping her shop in the lunch break.
My bike
I can stay here in the sun till when the sun shines. Recharging. This place is close to my home so it takes me no time to ride here and back. At home my place in the sun is on my room's window. Not so confortable and a little raffish but still very nice: I put a cushion on the sill and ignore the people passing glancing at me in amazement or disapproval. Siting on your windowsill isn't forbided - nor risky given that I live at the ground floor - but quite unusual. Anyway I don't care, nor my cat does: she stares at me, her furry front paws on the sill, her ears nervously moving to catch the many strange noises from the street, curious but scared because she's an inside cat.
Imagine me here if you wonder where I am. Or in the country home since May to September. Or riding. In the sun!

By the river

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