Tour of Oman 5: Stage Cancealed for Weather Condition (pics spam)

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Hot and windy. 41°C as the peloton faces the climb of Al Bousher. The stage has been shortened, riders brought by car to the final circuit, 95 km. But they don't want to race. They stop, talk each other, discuss with the organisers and finally the decision is to not start again. Stage cancelead for extreme weather condition.
Riders are asking a protocol to avoid discussion in simialr situation. It's about time. And it's nice to see riders compact in defending their rights.
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Nikolas Maes ‏@nikolas_maes
"Stage 5 Oman; advice on local radio, stay low and protect yourself with arms for the incoming sandstorm #TourofOman" 

Trek Factory Racing ‏@TrekFactory
"Our DS in Oman @demoldirk reports lots of riders (not TFR!) were puncturing because of overheated rims in the neutralised downhill."
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Team Sky DS Nicolas Portal:
“It was a particularly strange day. There were questions about safety so when that is the case then it is always better to be careful.
Embedded image permalinkThe parcours didn’t help matters today with the descending in the hot weather. We cannot be sure that all the teams are using the highest quality material with wheels and brakes. In the end they cancelled the stage.
Embedded image permalinkSome riders on other teams were getting punctures in the neutralised section before the stage started. I think what happened was that they went up the climb, and then they went down the descent so slowly behind the commissaire car that everyone had to brake. Some teams maybe weren’t using the best wheels and the temperature was too high which caused punctures.
For us everything was fine. We have great partners and great mechanics so everything was okay!
Earlier they had to move the start because of sandstorms. That was a good decision for sure and it was strange to see everything in orange. It’s been an interesting day.”

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