Van der Poel Shows Rainbow in Krawatencross

Embedded image permalinkStreaming not working. I saw almost nothing. 
Things I missed: Lars Van der Haar perfectly jumping barriers - hell yeah! - and Kevin Pauwels' granny
Mathieu van der Poel had no problem to put a large gap between himself and the rest of the troup. 
Four sprinted for 2nd and van Aert succeeded. 

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Pauwels' granny Pic by MEOW ‏@meowclank 
Lars van der Haar:
"4th in Lille. Dissapointed I couldnt sprint full. My chain kept skipping over th cassette. But I felt strong and did bunnyhop! So I'm happy!"

1. Mathieu van der Poel 
2. Wout van Aert
3. Sven Nys.
4. Lars Van der Haar

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