In Short: Ben Swift About Milano-Sanremo

At Mallorca Training Camp
1. Paris-Nice: "I’m not feeling too bad actually. I feel like I had a good race and I think I got better and better as the week went on. The other teams threw everything at us. We had a bit of bad luck on the big day into Nice but the team were so strong and we worked together perfectly. We came away with the result that we wanted. I’ve come out of it pretty well and I’m just looking forward to Sunday now.
2. Team Sky did great so far: "You can just feel the buzz. Everyone has come out fighting this year. We all know that we didn’t have the best year last season and we’ve trained hard. I think that mood just builds and builds. Once you see team-mates doing well then everyone wants to do the same. Everyone is doing their job perfectly."
3. Milan-San Remo: "It’s a big goal. Milan-San Remo was always a race that suited me on paper. It was my first time doing it last year and I performed well there. That gave me the confidence to be able to target it this year and have it as an aim. I know just because I’m targeting it and been working towards it doesn’t mean I’m going to get a result – it’s a really difficult race to get a result in. I’ve done everything I can and I’ve trained as well as I can. I’m not sure I could have done anything different so we’ll see what comes at the weekend.Team Sky have got a strong team for the race. 
We’ve got a super strong team and I think everyone is really motivated. They know that I did well last year and that I want to perform well again this time. Last year I was a late call-up and that put a bit of a different feel on it. I don’t think anyone was expecting too much. How to get on the podium last year was a bit of an unknown for me heading into it, but I know what’s coming this time.
I’ve worked towards it and I’ve done specific training for this race. We’ll see what happens on the day."
4. MSR Recon: "I’ve done quite a bit of recon work. I’ve done certain efforts while I’ve been out there. We know the climbs and [Team Sky Coach] Rod (Ellingworth) has seen it all before. He won it with Cav before and he knows what it takes to win. We’ve worked really closely together on this goal."
5. A special race: "That’s the beauty of it. If you throw in a bit of bad weather too that gives it an extra dimension. It’s potentially one of the easiest races to finish, but also one of the hardest races to get a result in because there are so many variables and different ways that it can be won. You only need to have a bad moment at the wrong time and all that hard work is for nothing. 
I think it’s the history the race has [to make it special]. It’s Milan-San Remo! It’s the first monument of the year and there’s a special feel to it. I think now going back onto the Via Roma it feels like a proper San Remo. I’m hoping that with the finish being a kilometre closer it should hopefully be more of an advantage to a rider like myself. It will be good for Michael Matthews, Peter Sagan and guys like that. But there are so many riders who can perform well. We’ve got a strong team and we’re all motivated. We can only go out there and try."

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