I've been busy...

Iranian sweeties
...living my life. I had few time for blogging or even for pro-cycling recently. 
First of all, I got a flu but I must attend some important school meetings and finish teaching some important stuff so I went working anyway.
 I've also been busy as a mom, because my son had a quite busy week, in school and training with his team in spite he was half sick too and the weather sucked. 
Finally, the sun is back and this morning I took an epic ride on the hills of Florence: I climbed to piazzale Michelangelo, then to Arcetri and up to Santa Margherita a Montici. Few traffic, steep roads and a breathtaking view. The pure joy of cycling.
March the 26th it was my birthday. I was at school since 2 pm to 9 pm. Slightly cooked, but I loved it because I had brought some Iranian sweeties and shared them with my students while explaining a subject I care about: the right of people with psychological disease to be citizens and to be respect in that, no matter how serious their condition is. I believe we are a learning community and it's nice to share what we know, think and feel. 
Florence from the hills


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