Lampre Merida Prefers Ulissi to MPCC

Official press releasePRESS RELEASE:
"With this Communication, Team Lampre-Merida officially confirms the decision to exit the MPCC, due to the impossibility of confirming there membership.

This decision has been made considering the facts coming from recent events, namely the case of Diego Ulissi, this situation in particular has put Team Lampre-Merida in a position where we are obliged to take this decision as these principles set out by the MPCC are not possible to agree upon, namely: 1) The labor law, 2) Rules and regulations of the UCI.
Team Lampre-Merida will respect the obligation to keep Diego Ulissi as our employer, and with this ensuring the obligation of return to competition for the athlete – respecting the rules and regulations of the UCI – through entry to the races from 28 March 2015.
In reference to the above, Team Lampre-Merida is obliged to postpone its membership with the MPCC, with a possible future consideration for the request of readmission at a time when the rules of the Movement, which in the past have always been respected by the team even though at times have been unfavorable, as long as the regulations are acceptable by the laws of the various bodies of reference."

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