Amstel Gold Race: A Rainbow On the Cauberg

Start in Maastricht
I'm annoyed. Forced to watch Rai Sport Ciclismo I have to listen to hours of support and indulgence toward dopers
They don't talk about the race but prefer to praise Rebellin and Ulissi, to enforce Nibali claims for Team Astana against the UCI President Cookson and even defend Van Avermaet who's facing a request for 2 years bann for frequentation with a banned doctor.
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Naming ex dopers like Valverde they accurately avoid to say anything about their past. Bravo! great job!
I was already annoyed yesterday counting dopers in the start list - there are also Kreuziger, Frank Schleck, Gilbert and even Schumacher!!! 
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Race over for Westra
About Gilber Sporza reports BMC didn't extend contract with Gilbert's personal soigneur Dirk Leenaert last year (via Velofact). Not a good signal for young clean riders. In my opinion teams with such riders in their roster shouldn't be invited to inportant races.
Anyway, back to the race. You now I have never been watching the Amstel live - the Iceland volcano prevented me once. I have been in Maastricht and Valkemburg for the Worlds though. It was a windy cold day. Today it's sunny instead and looks nice. As always a huge crowd at the start and a huge crowd at the finish, that isn't anymore atop the climb but slightly further. You know I don't like but that's it.
Embedded image permalink34 hills to climb including 4 ascents of the Cauberg. 28 km to go a break goes away; De Vreese, Polanc, Roosen, Gerdemann, Van Zyl and M.Terpstra. They got a maximum lead of 11 minutes. Jelle Vanendert crashes, then his brother Dennis, both back on bike. Christophe Riblon instead is forced to abandon. Nibali got a flat tyre and had to chase. 100 km to go the gap is at 6'50''. Break-away and peloton climbed twice the Cauberg already and it seems that the showdown is going to be here at the last passage.
Team Movistar and Orica-GreenEdge are leading the chase. Westra crashes and quites. 57 km to go, the gap is down to 2’01”.
Quite boring race so far: the peloton is controlling and nothing happen. 
Quite nervous and dangerous down there: a car drives straight toward the approaching peloton, riders ride up and down sidewalks and bikelanes, somebody even picks a fight at the back when the peloton slows down on a cote...
Embedded image permalinkThree leaders left after the Gulpenerberg: De Vreese, Gerdemann and Polanc. 48 km to go.
Break over 35 km to go. Eyserbosweg: riders attack from the peloton and a new break-away forms. So now we have Four riders in front -  Simon Clarke, Tanner, Polanc and De Vreese - and a small group chasing, including Kelderman, Caruso, Rosa,  Nibali, Martin. 
Embedded image permalinkWOW! Wilco Kelderman goes straight into a field and does some cyclocross!! 
Keutenberg: De Vreese gets dropped. Simon Clarke and David Tanner lead, the chasing group is at 16", the peloton at 57". Crauso crashes in a corner and brings down Rosa. Nibali, T. Martin and Howes join the leaders.  Nibali tries to attack, asks mates to collaborate but in vain. In the peloton many teams are seriously chasing now. Gap is only 36'' 24 km to go.
Heading to the Cauberg for the third time: 900m, 7% average, 13% max. Nibali sets the pace, the peloton is coming. Howes gets dropped. Only 15'' 19 km to go, last lap.
Embedded image permalinkGeulhemmerberg: Nibali attacks again, Clark and Martin on his wheel. But Tony Martin says no: he can't collaborate. 14 km to go Clarke goes solo. 9 flat km now. Nibali and Martin get caught 13 km to go. Clarke keeps going. Not the first time he's solo off the road.
Photo 4 in gallery on jetpackBemelerberg: all back together 8 km to go. Fuglsang and van Avermaet attacks but the BMC rider doesn't share the work and keeps watching behind. Caught 4 km to go. BMC is strictly controlling. Now ORICA-GE takes the lead. Teams fight for positions. 
Embedded image permalinkLast time up the Cauberg. Hermans attacks, Patersky responds, then Caruso. Gilbert in counter, Matthews resists and they top the climb together. Riders try to bridge. Valverde succeeds. Kwiatkowski is chasing with Caruso and Gasparotto.  There are Fusglang, Slagter, Kreuziger, Costa,  van Avermaet, Nordhaug...
It's a small group sprint and  Michal Kwiatkowski wins.

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Michal Kwiatkowski:
(source Cyclingnews)
“Experience is really important in such races especially and you cannot try doing the same effort on the Cauberg in training because you need to ride 250 kilometres at that speed to learn how to manage your acceleration on the climb.
I was not really directly on Gilbert’s wheel, I was more behind him compared to last year when I launched my effort on the Cauberg and I paid for it on the top. It was a better idea not to be excited and have some energy left for the sprint so I could be fresher for the last metres.
I cannot describe my emotions, it’s really great and I really want to enjoy it. I was really pushing for it from the start of the season. I was close in Paris-Nice and in Algarve and the classics. It’s not an easy thing to do and it’s an amazing day to win a classic that I was aiming for.
Everyone is playing a little but I think that was dangerous for everyone having Tony Martin and Vincenzo Nibali in a breakaway that could have been successful. But I think that Movistar and Tinkoff missed it and they wanted to push it to chase it down. BMC were also pushing a lot on the last lap but I think that it’s possible. It’s always dangerous when you have Tony Martin with 10 seconds in front.
I always put pressure on myself there is no pressure from the team. The first part of this season was really successful and the team can be happy with the second places in Flanders and Roubaix. It proves that we were trying to win the races. We were just putting the dot on the i here. I think that the whole team can be happy.”
(Source Etixx-QS Press Release)
"This was a great day for me, the hard work paid off. I'm really thankful that my teammates were so amazing today. I was always in the top 20 or 25 positions. I could relax the whole day. We had Tony in the important breakaway and that was crucial for me. Of course I was suffering as well in a race with so many climbs. The second-to-last time up the Cauberg I said to Gianni Meersman 'you know, I'm not feeling so good today.' But he said to me straight away that everyone is suffering with 34 climbs at this race and I have to make it. That gave me a lot of motivation before the last time up the Cauberg. I'm really thankful they believed in me until the last moment. In cycling you never know what to expect from those around you. You might look around and feel like no one is suffering but you, but you don't know the true situation until the last important acceleration. For the sprint I was able to sit in the slipstream and breathe a little bit, and that was important to recover from the effort on the Cauberg. I was able to get some energy back to go full gas in the select group sprint and win Amstel Gold Race.  It's an amazing race here, with a difficult race from start to finish and so many fans of cycling on each climb. It's really special to get this win at the opening race of the Ardennes Classics. Etixx - Quick-Step had a really strong first part of the season leading up to today. We had some bad luck with riders like Tom Boonen being injured before the Cobbled Classics. But we still tried to go for the win as we had many other cards to play. In cycling if you don't go for it, you're never going to get the victory. The whole team was happy about the podium at Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix because we tried our best at those races. Today we had the same kind of effort and I am now at the top of the podium. We got the success we were trying so hard for. For sure, winning Amstel Gold Race in the Rainbow Jersey means a lot to both me and the team, and it is another example of how strong we are as a collective. I built up really well for this race, and winning here, which was my goal, I cannot describe my emotions. It's really big for me at this point in my career. For sure I will celebrate with my teammates tonight. They were key to helping me get this win. Then, we look next to the rest of the Ardennes Classics with great morale." 

Michael Matthews:
“For my first time attempting the final at Amstel, I have to be happy with the result. I’m happy with the way I rode, I left everything out there. It’s just unfortunate that it wasn’t for the victory.
I went quite deep to follow Gilbert on the climb and I used a lot of energy trying to stay with him. I thought going over the climb we were quite clear of everyone else but the bunch had a few too many guys and were able to come back to us.
I was hoping it was going to be just Gilbert and I in the sprint because I was quite confident in that situation but in the final sprint I just had nothing left and it was just a grovel.”

Alejandro Valverde:
“I think you can’t ask for a better result after what I did today; taking 2nd place, into a more open finish than the one on top of the Cauberg, with a field sprint like today’s and after all the hard work by the team… we did everything we could. The incident wasn’t a puncture, but a broken gear. An MTN rider got the radius of his front wheel into my rear one and I had to stop and take the spare bike. It’s true that the race was really on already at that point, but with my team-mates, it wasn’t a problem at all.
I think I came into the Cauberg in good position, but after sprinting away from the turn, everyone stopped and I got boxed in. I was arguing to myself, ‘why again, why this always happens to me,’ but fortunately and even though I saw Gilbert opening a really big gap with his attacked, I had good legs and as soon as I saw a gap, I jumped and could reach him well. I did really think about keeping the effort and leaving Gilbert and Matthews behind when I caught them, and I accelerated in that moment, hoping that they’d look to each other, but there was no gap for me. I think I was one of the strongest today, I took 2nd, came really close, fought as usual… I think we must stay happy with that.
For me, Liège is the race out of the three where I think I stand more chances, the one that suits me best, but of course we mustn’t rule anything out for Wednesday. The new climb [Cherave] with 5km to go should change the race and make the peloton ride faster and become a bit smaller at the end. I think there are many, many riders in similar form, I didn’t see anyone standing out - the battle will be close, as well on Wednesday as on Sunday.”

Michael Valgren:
"Thank you @tinkoff_saxo boys!!! Sorry I started to far back on cauberg! Legs felt good!"
“I had good legs and my sensations were better than they have been for a while. So today is naturally a source of motivation for me, as it’s a big improvement from last year. The team rode really well for Roman and me and in terms of the effort made, I think we can be satisfied”.

Paul Martens:
"My team mates did an awesome job today,i'm really thankful for that,but my body flicked me again.Cramping again,nearly fell of my bike!"
“The team did that perfectly. We were at the right place on every main point in the race and everyone was able to keep me in position perfectly.
It went smoothly for six hours and 25 minutes, it’s just that in the last three kilometres, I suffered cramps. That was a big disappointment for me.
The Amstel Gold Race is my favourite race and this was the first time that I was the front man of the team. You’re extra disappointed when you don’t finish the way you want to. Especially since this was the best Amstel Gold Race we ever rode as a team.”

Bauke Mollema: 
“It was hard, fast, and you know it’s hard to escape at the end because so many teams want to keep it together for the last 2-3 kilometers.  I missed explosiveness to be there at the end and in this race you absolutely need that.
I recovered well between the climbs, which tells me my shape is really good, but on the Keuterberg I could tell I lacked power. The crash in Basque did not help, and perhaps it’s a result of that.
After my crash maybe I trained a bit differently this week. I missed that explosiveness and in this race you have to be very, very explosive. I’m very confident for next week (Fleche Wallone and LBL) because the climbs are longer and for the whole year I have done better on the longer climbs.  But still, I hope to find the explosivity back because I will need that next week too.
The problem was I was too far back when I started the Cauberg for the last time. It was a big, big mistake. After that - finished.”

Fabio Felline: 
It was difficult for me to get to the front, and by the time I made my way forward the group was split. I want to ask everyone to excuse my performance, it was a big opportunity to make a good result today, and at the finale I missed this opportunity.”

Kristian Sbaragli:
"The legs were good today but I just missed the first group that went on the Cauberg by a handful of seconds. I am happy with how I felt though and the team were great in helping me today. While I am happy with my performance I want to come back to this race and fight for the victory." 

Johann van Zyl:
"My goal for the day was to get into the break. It took a bit longer for the break to go than usual, I think I followed at least 15 attacks before the break got away. Once we were away I was happy to be in front and obviously to achieve the goal that I set myself for the day. My next goal was to try and win the most aggressive trophy but in the final there were three guys who were just a bit stronger than I was. In general though I think the team raced well, Kristian also got a top 20 so it was a good day in the office."

Timo Roosen:
“It was good for me to be in that leading group,” he said. “There was a lot of wind, which made it extra tough. In the bunch, there is a real high pace on the climbs and between them it’s a little bit easier. You’re able to save more energy when you’re in the breakaway.”

Wilco Kelderman:
“I felt really good. I was looking forward to this race a lot. I was waiting for the moment to attack. With the Dutch crowd on the climbs, it almost feels like a world championship for us.
I knew that there would be gravel, but I wasn’t thinking about it because of my adrenaline. I felt my wheel slipping away so I was forced to go straight into the field. Otherwise, I would’ve fallen.”

Tony Gallopin: 
“I have mixed feelings. Top ten was my minimum goal. The sixth place isn’t a bad result, but it could have been better. At first I wasn’t positioned well, but thanks to a strong effort of Jürgen Roelandts I could come to the front at the beginning of the Cauberg. Five hundred metres before the finish I lost some energy due to the wind. When Kwiatkowski passed me by I didn’t have any power left to react and to conquer a podium place. It was the first time I played a role in the final here, that’s encouraging for the future.”

Tim Wellens: 
“I’m disappointed I wasn’t good enough to follow the best on the Cauberg and I didn’t get to the finish with the first group. At the bottom of the last climb I was positioned well and when Ben Hermans attacked I tried to bridge. I soon felt a top result wasn’t possible. The next races are different, so I won’t make a drama of this.”

Roman Kreuziger: 
“Amstel is a race that I personally like and it was nice to be there in the final. When you have four weeks without racing, it’s nice to get a confirmation that the shape is good. You never know how you are in Amstel, but I felt pretty good and I really look forward to the next two races in the Ardennes. Now, in my vision, the most important is to recover and rest before Fleche Wallone and Liège-Bastogne-Liège.
I had a puncture going into the final part of the race at a critical time but my teammates brought me back quickly. I was there in the final group after Cauberg but against guys like Valverde and Kwiatkowski it’s difficult. Valgren was a bit too far back at the bottom of Cauberg, but he can become the guy that can win a race like this. It’s important that he raced as co-leader in order to get experience from a difficult race like this”.

1 Michal Kwiatkowski (Pol) Etixx - Quick-Step
2 Alejandro Valverde (Spa) Movistar Team
3 Michael Matthews (Aus) Orica GreenEdge
4 Rui Costa (Por) Lampre-Merida
5 Tony Gallopin (Fra) Lotto Soudal 6 Greg Van Avermaet (Bel) BMC Racing Team
7 Julian Alaphilippe (Fra) Etixx - Quick-Step
8 Enrico Gasparotto (Ita) Wanty - Groupe Gobert
9 Maciej Paterski (Pol) CCC Sprandi Polkowice
10 Philippe Gilbert (Bel) BMC Racing Team
11 Daniel Moreno Fernandez (Spa) Team Katusha
12 Rinaldo Nocentini (Ita) AG2R La Mondiale
13 Giampaolo Caruso (Ita) Team Katusha
14 Roman Kreuziger (Cze) Tinkoff-Saxo
15 Daniel Martin (Irl) Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling Team
16 Lars Petter Nordhaug (Nor) Team Sky
17 Jakob Fuglsang (Den) Astana Pro Team
18 Ben Hermans (Bel) BMC Racing Team 0:00:03
19 Tim Wellens (Bel) Lotto Soudal 0:00:18
20 Kristian Sbaragli (Ita) MTN - Qhubeka
21 Maurits Lammertink (Ned) Team Roompot
22 Michael Valgren (Den) Tinkoff-Saxo
23 Bob Jungels (Lux) Trek Factory Racing
24 Jan Bakelants (Bel) AG2R La Mondiale
25 Aleksei Tcatevich (Rus) Team Katusha
26 Tom Dumoulin (Ned) Team Giant-Alpecin
27 Paul Martens (Ger) Team LottoNL-Jumbo
28 Björn Leukemans (Bel) Wanty - Groupe Gobert
29 Davide Rebellin (Ita) CCC Sprandi Polkowice
30 Fabio Felline (Ita) Trek Factory Racing
31 Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez (Spa) BMC Racing Team
32 Joaquin Rodriguez Oliver (Spa) Team Katusha
33 Sergio Luis Henao Montoya (Col) Team Sky
34 Jelle Vanendert (Bel) Lotto Soudal
35 Martin Elmiger (Swi) IAM Cycling
36 Tom Jelte Slagter (Ned) Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling Team 0:00:26
37 Rasmus Guldhammer (Den) Cult Energy Pro Cycling
38 Nathan Haas (Aus) Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling Team
39 Georg Preidler (Aut) Team Giant-Alpecin
40 Damiano Cunego (Ita) Nippo - Vini Fantini
41 Mirko Selvaggi (Ita) Wanty - Groupe Gobert
42 Arthur Vichot (Fra) FDJ.fr
43 Floris De Tier (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise 0:00:52
44 Chris Anker Sörensen (Den) Tinkoff-Saxo
45 Carlos Alberto Betancur Gomez (Col) AG2R La Mondiale
46 Serge Pauwels (Bel) MTN - Qhubeka
47 Giovanni Visconti (Ita) Movistar Team
48 Jose Joaquin Rojas Gil (Spa) Movistar Team
49 Diego Ulissi (Ita) Lampre-Merida
50 Petr Vakoc (Cze) Etixx - Quick-Step
51 Matteo Montaguti (Ita) AG2R La Mondiale
52 Manuele Boaro (Ita) Tinkoff-Saxo
53 Rafael Valls Ferri (Spa) Lampre-Merida
54 Alexis Vuillermoz (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
55 Bauke Mollema (Ned) Trek Factory Racing
56 Frank Schleck (Lux) Trek Factory Racing
57 Diego Rosa (Ita) Astana Pro Team
58 Gorka Izaguirre Insausti (Spa) Movistar Team
59 Andriy Grivko (Ukr) Astana Pro Team
60 Robert Kiserlovski (Cro) Tinkoff-Saxo
61 Michel Kreder (Ned) Team Roompot
62 Wilco Kelderman (Ned) Team LottoNL-Jumbo
63 Luis Leon Sanchez Gil (Spa) Astana Pro Team
64 Dylan Teuns (Bel) BMC Racing Team 0:00:59
65 Vincenzo Nibali (Ita) Astana Pro Team 0:01:20
66 Jurgen Roelandts (Bel) Lotto Soudal 0:01:32
67 Daryl Impey (RSA) Orica GreenEdge
68 Pieter Weening (Ned) Orica GreenEdge
69 Michael Albasini (Swi) Orica GreenEdge
70 Simon Gerrans (Aus) Orica GreenEdge
71 Vasil Kiryienka (Blr) Team Sky
72 Warren Barguil (Fra) Team Giant-Alpecin
73 Gianni Meersman (Bel) Etixx - Quick-Step 0:01:40
74 Alberto Losada Alguacil (Spa) Team Katusha 0:02:14
75 David Tanner (Aus) IAM Cycling
76 Simon Clarke (Aus) Orica GreenEdge 0:02:21
77 Tony Martin (Ger) Etixx - Quick-Step 0:04:27
78 Silvan Dillier (Swi) BMC Racing Team 0:04:53
79 Sylvain Chavanel (Fra) IAM Cycling 0:04:56
80 Tosh Van Der Sande (Bel) Lotto Soudal 0:05:47
81 Marek Rutkiewicz (Pol) CCC Sprandi Polkowice
82 Thomas Sprengers (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise 0:06:42
83 Marinus Cornelis Minnaard (Ned) Wanty - Groupe Gobert
84 Pieter Jacobs (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise
85 Mikael Cherel (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
86 Marc Demaar (Ned) Team Roompot
87 Edward Theuns (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise
88 Huub Duyn (Ned) Team Roompot
89 Damiano Caruso (Ita) BMC Racing Team
90 Bartlomiej Matysiak (Pol) CCC Sprandi Polkowice
91 Johnny Hoogerland (Ned) Team Roompot 0:06:47
92 Oliver Naesen (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise
93 Laurens De Vreese (Bel) Astana Pro Team
94 Dmitrii Kozonchuk (Rus) Team Katusha
95 Preben Van Hecke (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise
96 Daniele Colli (Ita) Nippo - Vini Fantini
97 Michal Golas (Pol) Etixx - Quick-Step
98 Julien Vermote (Bel) Etixx - Quick-Step
99 Sergey Lagutin (Rus) Team Katusha
100 Julian David Arredondo Moreno (Col) Trek Factory Racing
101 Kristijan Durasek (Cro) Lampre-Merida
102 Grega Bole (Slo) CCC Sprandi Polkowice
103 Jan Polanc (Slo) Lampre-Merida
104 Ivan Rovny (Rus) Tinkoff-Saxo
105 Kévin Reza (Fra) FDJ.fr
106 Benoît Vaugrenard (Fra) FDJ.fr
107 Sonny Colbrelli (Ita) Bardiani CSF
108 Enrico Battaglin (Ita) Bardiani CSF
109 Manuele Mori (Ita) Lampre-Merida
110 Sebastian Langeveld (Ned) Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling Team
111 Enrico Barbin (Ita) Bardiani CSF
112 Alex Howes (USA) Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling Team
113 Ramunas Navardauskas (Ltu) Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling Team
114 Fabian Wegmann (Ger) Cult Energy Pro Cycling 0:07:56
115 Tiago Machado (Por) Team Katusha
116 Stig Broeckx (Bel) Lotto Soudal 0:08:59
117 Sjoerd Van Ginneken (Ned) Team Roompot
118 Jaroslaw Marycz (Pol) CCC Sprandi Polkowice
119 Branislau Samoilau (Blr) CCC Sprandi Polkowice
120 Youcef Reguigui (Alg) MTN - Qhubeka
121 Yannick Eijssen (Bel) Wanty - Groupe Gobert
122 Francis De Greef (Bel) Wanty - Groupe Gobert
123 Pim Ligthart (Ned) Lotto Soudal
124 Laurent Pichon (Fra) FDJ.fr
125 Marcus Burghardt (Ger) BMC Racing Team 0:09:59
126 Edoardo Zardini (Ita) Bardiani CSF 0:10:48
127 Bram Tankink (Ned) Team LottoNL-Jumbo 0:12:21
128 Pier Paolo De Negri (Ita) Nippo - Vini Fantini 0:13:47
129 Jacques Janse Van Rensburg (RSA) MTN - Qhubeka
DNF Ben Gastauer (Lux) AG2R La Mondiale
DNF Christophe Riblon (Fra) AG2R La Mondiale
DNF William Bonnet (Fra) FDJ.fr
DNF Olivier Le Gac (Fra) FDJ.fr
DNF Anthony Roux (Fra) FDJ.fr
DNF Jussi Veikkanen (Fin) FDJ.fr
DNF Lars Boom (Ned) Astana Pro Team
DNF Lieuwe Westra (Ned) Astana Pro Team
DNF Stijn Vandenbergh (Bel) Etixx - Quick-Step
DNF Reto Hollenstein (Swi) IAM Cycling
DNF Vicente Reynes Mimo (Spa) IAM Cycling
DNF Aleksejs Saramotins (Lat) IAM Cycling
DNF Matteo Bono (Ita) Lampre-Merida
DNF Valerio Conti (Ita) Lampre-Merida
DNF Dennis Vanendert (Bel) Lotto Soudal
DNF Jasha Sütterlin (Ger) Movistar Team
DNF Imanol Erviti (Spa) Movistar Team
DNF José Herrada Lopez (Spa) Movistar Team
DNF Rory Sutherland (Aus) Movistar Team
DNF Mathew Hayman (Aus) Orica GreenEdge
DNF Christian Meier (Can) Orica GreenEdge
DNF Alberto Bettiol (Ita) Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling Team
DNF Matej Mohoric (Slo) Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling Team
DNF Roy Curvers (Ned) Team Giant-Alpecin
DNF Koen De Kort (Ned) Team Giant-Alpecin
DNF Thierry Hupond (Fra) Team Giant-Alpecin
DNF Albert Timmer (Ned) Team Giant-Alpecin
DNF Zico Waeytens (Bel) Team Giant-Alpecin
DNF Thomas Leezer (Ned) Team LottoNL-Jumbo
DNF Bertjan Lindeman (Ned) Team LottoNL-Jumbo
DNF Timo Roosen (Ned) Team LottoNL-Jumbo
DNF Nick Van Der Lijke (Ned) Team LottoNL-Jumbo
DNF Jos Van Emden (Ned) Team LottoNL-Jumbo
DNF Nathan Earle (Aus) Team Sky
DNF Peter Kennaugh (GBr) Team Sky
DNF Philip Deignan (Irl) Team Sky
DNF Xabier Zandio Echaide (Spa) Team Sky
DNF Wouter Poels (Ned) Team Sky
DNF Jesper Hansen (Den) Tinkoff-Saxo
DNF Evgeny Petrov (Rus) Tinkoff-Saxo
DNF Fumiyuki Beppu (Jpn) Trek Factory Racing
DNF Laurent Didier (Lux) Trek Factory Racing
DNF Calvin Watson (Aus) Trek Factory Racing
DNF Simone Andreetta (Ita) Bardiani CSF
DNF Nicola Boem (Ita) Bardiani CSF
DNF Andrea Piechele (Ita) Bardiani CSF
DNF Stefano Pirazzi (Ita) Bardiani CSF
DNF Stefan Schumacher (Ger) CCC Sprandi Polkowice
DNF Russell Downing (GBr) Cult Energy Pro Cycling
DNF Linus Gerdemann (Ger) Cult Energy Pro Cycling
DNF Alex Kirsch (Lux) Cult Energy Pro Cycling
DNF Christian Mager (Ger) Cult Energy Pro Cycling
DNF Michael Reihs (Den) Cult Energy Pro Cycling
DNF Troels Ronning Vinther (Den) Cult Energy Pro Cycling
DNF Matthew Harley Goss (Aus) MTN - Qhubeka
DNF Johann Van Zyl (RSA) MTN - Qhubeka
DNF Songezo Jim (RSA) MTN - Qhubeka
DNF Daniel Teklehaimanot (Eri) MTN - Qhubeka
DNF Giacomo Berlato (Ita) Nippo - Vini Fantini
DNF Iuri Filosi (Ita) Nippo - Vini Fantini
DNF Alessandro Malaguti (Ita) Nippo - Vini Fantini
DNF Riccardo Stacchiotti (Ita) Nippo - Vini Fantini
DNF Genki Yamamoto (Jpn) Nippo - Vini Fantini
DNF Reinier Honig (Ned) Team Roompot
DNF Mike Terpstra (Ned) Team Roompot
DNF Tim Declercq (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise
DNF Arthur Van Overberghe (Bel) Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise
DNF Marco Marcato (Ita) Wanty - Groupe Gobert
DNF Jan Ghyselinck (Bel) Wanty - Groupe Gobert
DNS Dries Devenyns (Bel) IAM Cycling
DNS Thomas Degand (Bel) IAM Cycling

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