In short: cyclocross - slight concussion for Klaas Vantornout after unfortunate meet with a dog in Calpe

There is an article here:

Klaas Vantornout:
"Together with Rob peeters we were riding in the mountains of Calpe. Two dogs suddenly crossed he road in a descent. One of them went straight into my front wheel. I had no time to brake and went down. For ten minutes I lay on the floor, groggy by a slight concussion. Afterwards, the owner of the dogs brought me to a local hospital thirty miles away, and fortunately it turned out that I got nothing broken. 
I was wearing a helmet, otherwise it would have been much worse. I don't dare to think about it. I fell on the back of my head, and in the fall a large piece of the helmet was just torn. The headache is now over, muscles are stiff . I was often stiff after a fall, but never as bad as now: every muscle hurt. Fortunately it will be better after a day or two and I will be able to to train again outdoor. I stay here a more week ."

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