Smell of Poplar (and RESISTENZA)

On Friday
They are poplar. Or better they were. They had grown too high on the border of my country home and the wild wind of the last winter had broken one of them. It had got thrown toward the house and risked to make a serious damage. As a consequence we had them all cut shorter... and tons of poplar wood piled on the yard.
On Friday I had given it a good start, today I finished it: I cut the small branches - fresh, flexible, budding - and burned them in the owen, put the straight trunks a part and brought the others outside the gate so my neighbour can come and take them when he wants.
I belove to be here in the country and really like to work with my hands. I especially like to work with the fire: it's the early spring here, still quite cold, cloudy, so it was nice to stay in front of the fire, breaking throwing branches and throwing them in. And today I learnt that poplar wood smells good.
It took hours and it was a quite heavy job but I didn't notice the time passing: it wasn't boring. It gave me a lot of time to think, especially on Friday.
Today I was tired honestly, and very sleepy because I had woken at 6.30 am in order to bring my son to his race. Anyway I was motivated to finish and I did.
It's an important day in Italy: it's the 25th of April, the day we won on Fascism and our Popular Republic was born. Not a day to celebrate but a day to remember to make stronger our daily fight for freedom, justice, equality and peace.



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