A pic from... Luxembourg

Andy Schleck projette donc dans son plan d’affaires de cibler les jeunes, auprès desquels il a une bonne image, pour leur redonner goût au vélo.
Itzig to be exact. Nice to see Andy Schleck working for his shop
If you are interested there is an article here (French). 
No, I don't miss him racing. He sounds fine on the phone and with a clear idea about his future. He sounds relaxed too, I don't dare to say 'happy' because it's hard to say even about people you see everyday. 
A bike shop with cafeteria: it's a great idea. Then some good rides for Trek Travel. And a lovely family.
Honestly better than the stress and frustration of his last years in the peloton. 
I'm looking forward to see this new shop but I'll have to wait till next year because the opening is planned for 2016. A good pretext to visit Luxembourg again...

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