Feeling Free: A Full Riding Week End

There was a special light. I stopped on the bridge and took a picture. There was a special atmosphere - sunset, silence, suspended time. It was warm not yet hot. I was feeling a little dazed and my left knee was sore as I have just slipped crossing a stream. Too much air. Feeling free.
My son and I had finally got on our bike in the late afternoon. No matter if it was late, no matter if we must wake up at 5 am the next day: I needed to ride and he never says no to a good ride. A short easy one, a ride by the river on dirty roads, just out the city. Then you can't stick to plans and programs, especially in such a beautiful spring sunny day.
Now I'm climbing hard in the hot afternoon. I woke up at 5 am, we drove to Cecina for my son's race, we went to the beach, had a good lunch in La California - Paolo Bettini's town - and now it's time to sweat. I brought my bike and am heading to Bolgheri on the steep road from Bibbona. I'm slow but I know that I con do it and I don't stop. I deeply breath, I concentrate on my legs avoiding to move the rest of my body, I keep my shoulders low, relaxed. The landscape is amazing: sweet hills covered on flowers, olive trees and vineyards.
Crossing the stream
Ok, I reached the top, I can stop and rest a little, listening to the silence, to the birds' singing, and drinking from bottle while my heart rate goes back to normal. My son is sleeping in the parked car, somewhere down there. My ex husband is showing off, riding up and down. But I don't care: it's a lovely moment.
Descending isn't my thing, still here you can enjoy it more given that there is nobody and you are free to chose your  line. It's almost cold riding in the shadow! Back to the sun, I must afford a last climb to Bolgheri, on the cypress alley made famous by Giosue Carducci, and then the long descent back to the via Aurelia, by the sea. 
Near Bibbona
Bolgheri is a nice small village but today is Sunday so it's too crowded of tourist and we didn't stop. 
Changing clothes in the the car, back in La California, I'm definitely tired. My ex is as grumpy as always and my son is stoned because he slept too much. It's up to me to bring the family home, not earlier than around midnight and after a good pizza in Castelfiorentino with some friends.
Bolgheri Cycpress Alley
Life IS good.


force ten hurricane said...

What a lovely post about a lovely ride! :) Enjoyed the pics also.

Ilaria said...

Thank you! :D