Firenze Cycling MeetUp: Fiesole by Monteloro

View climbing to Monteloro
Bader's opinion is that the beautiful landscape helps you to distract from pain while climbing. It could be true. 
Beauty is on display in the blooming hills of Florence, in the scented forest of cypress, on the quiet narrow road crossing fields of olive trees and vineyards bordered by bare stone walls and purple iris flowers. We left the traffic behind in Sieci when we took a shortcut to cross the railways and now we already gained some altitude: the river is shining in sun down in the valley. It's hot but the road is mostly in the shadow. A beautiful morning to ride! 
Christine looks the fitter, she passes me on her Trek and keeps a good pace in the hairpins. Bader's bike is an hybrid, quite heavy in my opinion but he's doing great. I'm fine but on the little gear. Wait, I'm better to stop and eat some honey before I run out of enery. I unclip my left foot, I fail to put it down, I slowly fall on the right, my right food still clipped. Damn. 
View from Monteloro
Back on bike I think it has been a stupid crash without consequences. We reach Monteloro and rest. There is a very good restaurant here - Da Orlando - but we still have some hard climbs on the menu so it's better to limit the food intake to bars, honey and to drink some more water. The highland is splendid! we enjoy the flat confortable road and take some pictures. "Look! an old car!". Noooo! There is a meeting, or better an old cars race! They go by, coloured and cool, noisily climb up to San Clemente... and we follow. Slowly. Because San Clemente is a serious climb. 
Old cars on San Clemente
Oioi I start feeling the bruise... No matter, it's the last challenge of the day. On the steeppest ramp I get off the bike and walk, Bader does the same and only Christine victoriously climb all the way to the top. "Is that the last climb?" she asks "I begin feeling stiff". Almost!
Then the fast descent - that I don't like because I'm scared and moreover because my hands are too small for my brakes - and finally Fiesole! We'd like to get a well deserved icecream but the Gelateria Ferro Battuto - very good and quite expensive - is closed. As always! it's open only 2pm-20pm and I wonder why: c'mon guys! you are in one of the most touristic place in the world! 
Mates on the road from Fiesole to Maiano
Anyway, it's time to go home and we pick the narrow street of Maiano. We started at 10.30am from Lungarno del Tempio and we finished at 1.30am. Check the route on Strava if you like.
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