Stefan Küng Released from Hospital

Embedded image permalinkDr. Fabrice Külling:
"The kind of fracture he had, a lot of times it happens that they have neurological complications. Lucky for him, he is doing fine. He was also lucky because the fracture was in the thoracic region, which is pretty stable - even though it is what we call an unstable fracture. I think he is doing fine because he is a good sports guy."

Stefan Küng:
"I feel good, I can sleep, I can stand up, I can take a shower. I am kind of back to normal - not on my bike - but I am feeling good. Under the circumstances, I can be very happy that I can already go home.
I am very happy that my back is not harmed. I am still able to walk and I am not paralyzed, which is always possible with a vertebrae fracture. For a sportsman, it is very hard to lay in bed, coming out of the Giro ... 12 stages ... every day on the bike ... and then just laying in the bed. It is really hard. I always want to go forward. I am kind of a person who always needs somebody to hold me back. Now it is my back that is holding me back.
For sure, I will be back on my bike. I am not sure at which level, but I think in six weeks. That is the first goal I have. Then we will see how it goes, day-by-day."

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