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Lanters of Ramadan
It's a busy month: my son has got his final exam and I help him with his papers, my students too and even if I'm not in the exam commision I keep on touch with them and try to be supportive. It's a busy month: we moved to the country again and here we have a lot to do and no connection. That's fine, a life I like, closer to nature and far from the city mess. When at the end of the day we sit in the dark looking at the fireflies, remotely shining, slowly moving in silence, we feel so good!
It's a busy holy day: it's Ramadan and given that I can't fast because of my anemy - definitely better but not completely over - I'm reading all the Quran again. Finally it's about that, not about diet. I read four pages after each salat and publish some of it here. I'm enjoying it way more than in the past, when I simply felt out of place. I'm a very unorthodox shi'a muslim, more into Rumi than into scholars. Anyway spirituality is a part of me I decided to live in my own way
Wondering why I write it here just now? No special reason. I just show you a part of me you maybe didn't get so far, in spite you should if you read my twitter. I think I'm as unothodox as a muslim as I am as a communist and firmly persuaded each one has got his way. That's why respect is important.
Sunrise in the country
Ramadan is called 'the month of light' and yes, that's a hint to the inner light of Quaran... but muslims use to light lanterns to cheer the long nights of worship and large family meals so their cities and villages are really shining of light! Down here, I light my sole lanterne and it cheers me up in reading, studying and trying to be better.
Because sharing it's a part of Ramadan: sharing your knowledge, your awarness, your love and also 'your' wealth.  A nice adith (saying) says: "God gave the rich also the part of the the poor, to test the generosity of the rich and the patience of the poor". We are what we are because of a series of chances, fortunate or unfortunate. Very few of it comes from our personal merit, so lets share and don't be arrogant. And there is no need to be religious to understand this.
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World Refugee Day
On Saturday 20 of June my son and I took part in a big live concert for the World Refugee Day. It has been great, we danced under the stage for hours in the beautiful Ippodromo delle Mulina of Florence, in the Parco delle Cascine. BUT it's a SHAME that only 3.000 persons - probably less - were prsent. The whole tikets' revenue went for charity and with just 10 € you could assure one month of clean water to one refugee. It was since 3 pm to 12 am, and good music. People, you really disappointed me!
Tour de Suisse has been also a disappointment. I'll publish soon a Pre Tour de France Sum Up about Suisse and Dauphiné. A better business keeps my busy at the moment, be tollerant!

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